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Universe keeps expanding with 1.2.1 fixes and new Nvidia certified cards
By rpierich
Published on Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Universe keeps expanding with fixes and new Nvidia certified cards 

We’re really happy and excited to see the buzz that’s been building around Universe. We’ve seen some excellent user-made work and feedback.  Thanks again to everyone who has taken time to try out our tools, given reviews, and reported issues.

We wanted to share with you some “behind the scenes info” from our Universe engineering team. Using our tools without running into serious bugs is very important to us. Beyond each individual tool’s use and effect, we consider a solid user experience a key feature within Universe.

One way we ensure a smooth user experience is to run a hardware check during the Universe installation process.  Because all of the Universe tools are all completely GPU accelerated this check is used to make sure the graphics card on your system is going to be able to run the Universe Tools without issues.  Our friends at Nvidia gave us early access to some new Quadro boards and we’ve been making sure Universe runs great on them. Our quality assurance team has certified that the Nvidia Quadro 4200 and 5200 runs all the Universe tools perfectly. They are fast and exceeded our speed expectations.

We are committed to not only add new plugins throughout the year, but also to improve performance and fix bugs.  You will find today’s 1.2.1 update waiting for you right on your desktop when you launch your Red Giant Link application and open the Universe tab.

This release includes a couple new features and some important fixes:

  • New presets added: ToonIt Paint, Retouch, and Cartoon now have presets from the ToonIt presets effect
  • A fix to Vegas plugin issue of saving/loading user altered values after selecting a preset if the effect had a preset menu. We have added a “user defined” option in Vegas that the preset menu will always reflect. When selecting a new preset, all sliders will adjust properly and then the menu will switch back to user defined.
  • Fixed: Edge Glow should work on Intel GPUs now
  • Fixed: FCPX transitions should work correctly on images with alpha channels now

We are also expanding our community and looking for beta testers for new host applications.  Currently the entire Universe library of tools supports Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Motion & After Effects on both Mac OS X and Windows. We recently added support for Sony Vegas Pro 11 and 12 with version 1.2 and are planning to add support for DaVinci Resolve in an upcoming release this year.

If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester, please submit your info on this online form and we’ll add you to our pre-release Universe betas for once we have plugins ready for testing: http://www.redgiant.com/universebetatesters/


Thanks again for your participation in the first six months of the Red Giant Universe community. We look forward to adding even more tools, enhancements, and crowd-sourced features over the next year as we expand even faster everywhere.
- Universe products team


OSX GateKeeper Code Signing Updates
By Andrew Cheyne
Published on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014


Hi folks -

We wanted to let you know that all of our installers and standalone applications have been updated on the website in preparation for new Code Signing (GateKeeper) requirements coming in both OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks) and OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). Neither of these versions of OS X are available yet (outside of beta), but we wanted to make sure we had all of our products ready. If you run into an issue with any of our installers being blocked from running by OS X’s GateKeeper, simply download the latest installer from our website and you’ll be good to go.

Red Giant Universe users: It’s slightly different for Universe. If you run into issues, download the latest Red Giant Link installer to ensure you wont run into any issues installing Universe updates in the future).

As always, if you have any problems, our support team is here for you.

Thanks for checking in!

- Andrew Cheyne, Director of Engineering


FREE UPDATE – Trapcode Particular 2.2.3 & Trapcode Sound Keys 1.2.3
By Andrew Cheyne
Published on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014


Hi folks-

We have released updates to both Trapcode Particular and Sound Keys today, to address a couple of bugs we’ve been made aware of:

  • In Particular 2.2.3, we have fixed an issue that could cause flickering in rendered output related to the Global Performance Cache in After Effects.
  • In Sound Keys 1.2.3, an issue that could cause all the generated key frames to be placed at time zero has been fixed.

The updates for both Particular and Sound Keys are available for both Mac and Windows on all supported hosts.

You can get the free update HERE (the full Trapcode Suite Installer) or use Red Giant Link to update both products without having to download the full installer (simply launch Red Giant Link and click “Update” next to Trapcode Particular and Trapcode SoundKeys).

As always, if you have any problems, our support team is here for you.

- Andrew Cheyne, Director of Engineering


SALE | Get 20% off everything for 36 hours at Red Giant
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Tuesday, September 16th, 2014


Miss out on the deals at IBC?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – it’s your chance to get 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the redgiant.com store. That means discounts on all Suites, individual products, Guru Presets, upgrades and academic purchases.

Use Coupon Code REDSALE20 – and start shopping HERE.

But hurry, like all good things this won’t last long – 36 hours to be exact. This Sale ends tomorrow, September 17th 2014, at 8pm PST.

As always, if you have any questions or problems, our support team is here for you.


SOFTWARE UPDATE: Key Correct 1.3 Adds Support for Premiere Pro
By Red Giant Team
Published on Thursday, September 11th, 2014


Hey folks- Following on the heels of our Primate Keyer 5.1 update, we’ve continued to add more host applications to our Keying Suite products. We’re proud to announce that as of today, Key Correct now includes support for Adobe Premiere Pro. Being true to our Red Pledge, this is a FREE update for existing users of Key Correct 1.2.

  • You can get the free update HERE.
  • Buy Key Correct HERE.

About Key Correct

Key Correct is an integral part of keeping your composite look natural and realistic. This set of 15 plug-ins can be used to soften alpha channels, match foreground and background colors, fix outlines, and clean up noise. Key Correct is the secret ingredient for top-quality results from popular keyers like Primatte Keyer (our favorite!), Keylight and Ultimatte.  While Key Correct had only previously been available to After Effects users, Key Correct 1.3 now opens up our powerful keying tools to editors working in Premiere Pro.


Key Correct runs on Windows and Mac and now includes support for:

  • After Effects: CC (2014), CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5
  • Premiere Pro: CC (2014), CC, CS6

Pricing and Availability:

As always, if you have any questions or problems, our support team is here for you.


UPDATE: Universe 1.2 – New Stuff, New Host and More
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Universe 1.2 Free Update

Hey folks – when we released Red Giant Universe, we promised frequent updates. And in keeping that promise, today we are releasing another update to Universe, with version 1.2. Universe 1.2 brings the following new awesomeness to our library of GPU-accelerated tools:

  • 9 New free and premium effects and transitions (so there are now 68 tools in the Universe library)
  • Native-style Premiere Pro transitions for CC and CC2014 – a big customer request
  • Sony Vegas support (version 12 and 13) – that’s right. Virtually all of the universe tools now run in Sony Vegas.


In short, Universe is a community built around a library of GPU-accelerated effects and transitions for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Sony Vegas. If you are new to Universe, and want to know what it is about, this video may help:

Don’t forget, Universe basic membership is FREE and comes with 37 FREE effects and transitions that are free forever. Premium members get an additional 31 Effects and transitions.

How to get Universe 1.2

  • If you are an existing Universe member, the new tools and updates can be downloaded directly through Red Giant Link.
  • If you are new to Universe, and want to join, you can sign up for free membership HERE.


The following is only relevant to users of CC and CC 2014: In this version of Universe, we have updated transitions for users of Premiere Pro CC and CC2014. This change, requested by you folks, brings native-style transitions to Premiere Pro. The good news is, the speed up your your workflow dramatically. The (possibly) bad news is that they are not compatible with the old-style of transition. So… if you had previously used the old-style of transition, and want to open older saved project files, you can download the legacy versions of the transitions (and read more info) HERE.

Both versions can be installed side-by-side in Premiere Pro CC and CC2014, however, we recommend using only the new versions for future projects. Here’s a video that will explain a little more:

NOTE FOR VEGAS USERS: In this version of Universe, we are including support for Sony Vegas 12 and 13. While 67 of the 68 effects work in Vegas, one of the tools (Billowed Background) could not be ported at this time. We are working with Sony to fix the issue.

As always, if you have any problems, our support team is here for you.


Organic Particles with Trapcode Form
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Friday, August 15th, 2014

Recently, the team at MK12, an awesome design and filmmaking collective, created a beautiful piece for Semi-Permanent’s 2014′s Sydney conference. Some of my favorite motion graphics work has been done by MK12, so it’s no surprise how awesome this piece looks and feels.

Most amazingly, this work was not done with CGI particles – it was all practical. The awesome folks at The Art of the Title did a really great breakdown of the work, and provided an invaluable Behind the Scenes video that shows how chalk and high speed filming was used to create the effects seen in the video. You should absolutely watch it, as it’s a great reminder that CGI is not the end-all for great visuals.

Don’t get me wrong – I love VFX, but have to admit, there’s something about the uncontrolled and chaotic nature of practical effects that CGI has yet to truly replace.

That said we caught a tweet that mentioned that an animator names Claude Autret was inspired to attempt recreating some of the effects in After Effects. We were curious to see the results, so we followed the link.

While the results are quite different from MK12′s practical work, Claude does a great job of creating a beautiful organic CGI effect. Always inspired when I see our customers pushing our software to it’s limits to create something awesome, I reached out to Claude and asked him to tell us a little bit about himself and how he achieved the effect.

I’m a 26 years old french graphic designer living in Rennes, and have been a freelancer mainly in motion design for about two years now. I discovered motion design a bit by accident when I was working in an agency, and since then I’ve been learning as much as possible, until I finally felt I was able to work in that field. I love to experiment with plugins that extend the possibilities of After Effects like Trapcode ones.

A few weeks ago, I found some interesting effects while playing with Trapcode Form, but had no practical use for them at the time. Then I saw MK12’s titles for Semi-Permanent on Art of the Title, and thought those ultra slow-motion explosions of chalk were the perfect way to test the realism and the control I could achieve on this kind of effects.

So I’m basically using a letter (or a letter converted to a shape, to use only the outside stroke) as a layer map for Form, with really small particles, and then animate the displacement and dispersion so it explodes towards the camera.  I used 3 lights around the form, and shadowlets only, as global shading was too strong for this project.

One of the tricks that makes it look good is using a high aperture on the camera, so everything closer than the letter gets blurry and creates that powder effect.

You can control the variations with the complexity, octave multiplier and so on. Adding just a little bit of flow also brings some life to it.

I then duplicated the layer map and made it 3D, tweaked the visibility of Form so the particles appear “through” the letter, and used Form as an alpha inverted map, so it doesn’t overlay over the letter. I had used a pretty large ( 960x960px ) composition for the explosions, so I could scale it down and have even smaller details and particles. Each exploding letter was finally rendered as a .mov with rgb+alpha. I’ve seen a lot of people asking about render time, well it took about half an hour for each letter on my not-so-powerful laptop, so it’s reasonable for almost 20 millions particles !

Then it’s just a basic 3D comp with lots of tweaks and color corrections, and a small camera move.

There’s also a part where particles are seen from the side, but that is way easier so I’ll just leave the small video breakdown here:

Thanks to MK12 for the inspiration, Trapcode for the awesome plugin, and Aharon for asking me to write this.

Claude, you are very welcome. I really enjoyed your breakdown, and I know many other users will too.


Best of all – Claude has provided us with an After Effects project file which you can get HERE on Red Giant People, our free website for sharing presets and templates.



Free Trial: Take a Second Shot with BulletProof
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Hey folks – A little more than a year ago, thousands of you downloaded and installed Red Giant BulletProof 1.0, our stand-alone application for backup and review of your footage on set. At the time, BulletProof only supported a handful of cameras and codecs. Since then we’ve expanded  to include MXF and AVCHD support and have added new features that make the workflow much faster.

Because so much has changed, we’d like to give you the chance to try BulletProof again. To make that possible, we are refreshing BulletProof with version 1.2.1 so that you can install a free, fully functional 30-day trial – even if you have installed a previous trial version that has expired.

You can get the update HERE or use Red Giant Link to update.

As always, if you have any problems, our support team is here for you.


Help Bring Red Giant to SXSW
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Hey folks – for the last few years, the team at Red Giant has been making short films and taking you behind the scenes of our work. We love sharing all of the cool stuff we (sometimes painfully) learn in the process, but we also love talking to other filmmakers to hear about what they do and what inspires them.

With that in mind, we’d love to come out to SXSW, meet our fellow filmmakers in person, and give a session (maybe even 2) on filmmaking – but we need your help.

Seth and I have submitted 2 sessions on filmmaking, and, if you think they are worthy of bringing to SXSW and the indie-film community at large, help us by voting for one or both:

#1: Jurassic Park and the Art of Imperfection

The secret to standing out in the amateur world, according to Webby Award winning filmmaker Seth Worley, is pretending that you don’t know you’re amateur.

Worley posits that the best directors can take their limitations and flaws and use them to make their movies better. Pulling insights from his favorite movies like “Jurassic Park”, “Jaws”, and “Back To The Future”, and drawing from his own experiences and addiction to problem-solving, he details the constant but necessary fight between ambition and pragmatism, dreaming elaborately while working within your means, and what we can learn from this movies about expecting — and embracing — imperfection. All in the name of making cool stuff. (VOTE NOW)

#2: Blood, Sweat, and Flares: VFX for Independent Film

In this presentation, filmmakers Seth Worley and Aharon Rabinowitz (of Red Giant Films) will walk you through their process for creating VFX-rich short films. They will present solutions for creating Hollywood-quality visual effects on a tight budget, show examples of their work, and break down how the challenges were approached and solved. They’ll also talk about what did not work, and some of the pitfalls they’ve learned to avoid. In addition they will discuss how good planning and design at the front of the filmmaking process, as well as good finishing techniques at the end, are both crucial for a high-quality end result. (VOTE NOW)

BTW – You can give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” only once for each session – but that means you can vote for one or both.

Don’t forget – there are a lot of very talented filmmakers who are also submitting great ideas for talks. Take a look and see what everyone has to offer, and if you still think ours our worthy, give us a thumbs up on the SXSW site.


Primatte Keyer 5.1 Adds Support for Premiere Pro, FCPX and More
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Primatte Keyer 5.1

Hey folks- For a long time, you’ve been lighting up our customer service lines asking us to bring Primatte Keyer to more host applications. We didn’t want to disappoint anyone in case we couldn’t delver, so while we’ve been telling you that we were looking into it, our product team has secretly been making it happen, in the background. We’re proud to announce that as of today, Primatte Keyer now includes support for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Motion. Best of all, this is a FREE update for existing users of Primatte Keyer 5.

  • You can get the free update HERE.
  • Buy Primatte Keyer HERE.

About Primatte Keyer

Primatte Keyer 5 is the industry’s most popular tool for fast, automatic chroma-keying. Primatte makes it easy to remove a green-screen or blue-screen background, often with the touch of a single button. But while Primatte has only been available to After Effects users, Primatte Keyer 5.1 opens up our powerful chroma keying tools editors.

Primatte Keyer runs on Windows and Mac and now includes support for:

  • After Effects: CC (2014), CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5
  • Premiere Pro: CC (2014), CC, CS6
  • Final Cut  Pro X: 10.0.9 and later
  • Motion: 5.0.4 and later

Pricing and Availability:

  • New: $499 – Buy it now
  • Upgrade: $99 – Upgrade now
  • Existing users of Primatte Keyer 5: FREE – Download your Free Update
    As a part of our Red Pledge (“One price for all hosts.”), this is a FREE update for existing users of Primatte Keyer 5.

As always, if you have any questions or problems, our support team is here for you.


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