Super Tight Junk Mattes
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

In the latest episode of RGTV,  I mentioned an older tutorial called Super Tight Junk Mattes. It’s a great technique for creating very precise Junk Mattes/Garbage Masks very quickly.

You can find it here.

Of all the tutorials I’ve ever done, this is one of my favorites because the technique has saved my professional life on more occasions than I can count. I get a lot of emails from people telling me that it has helped them on some of the more difficult keying jobs they’ve had, as well.

If you really want to learn a ton of great compositing techniques, check out Greenscreen Made Easy: Keying and Compositing Techniques for Indie Filmmakers by Michele Yamazaki. It’s full of great stuff (including the Super Tight Junk Mattes technique).

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4 Responses to “Super Tight Junk Mattes”

  1. Michele Yamazaki Says:

    Thanks for the plug, Aharon. Just a note that the book will be available starting in April.

    Also, Toolfarm will have a table at the Final Cut Pro SuperMeet in San Francisco tomorrow and I will be giving mini-seminars on professional keying techniques using some Red Giant plug-ins and other plug-ins. If any readers are coming, make sure you stop by and say hello.

  2. John Dickinson Says:

    One thing I love about AE is that there is always more than one way to do things. Another technique to create a junk matte is to do a simple Color Key then apply Simple Choker with a negative setting. This is a technique I learned watching Making It Look Great 5 with Maltaannon.

  3. Aharon Rabinowitz Says:

    April?! Well, I consider myself lucky to have seen it so early.

    I was wondering why I hadn’t received my autographed copy with commemorative coin yet.

  4. Loay Says:

    I’ll check it out.



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