Magic Bullet Colorista II is Here!

Jul 23, 2010 18 9 Share
Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
Buckle up baby! Color correction just got awesome! Magic Bullet Colorista II is here, and it’s taking names. It’s seriously supped up and ready to unleash color in your timeline. You can learn more about it here. Or just give in the inevitable… and buy it here. Here’s a first look at what’s new in Colorista II, from the DV Rebel himself, Stu Maschwitz.


  1. Unfortunately, lacking compliance with Premiere CS5’s CUDA GPU hardware acceleration, this is a huge step down from the native color grading tool, which does not require rendering and outputs HD on-the-fly.

  2. Unfortunately, for those of us who have upgraded to CS5’s CUDA GPU acceleration, this is a big step down from Premiere’s own hardware-accelerated color grader (which does not require rendering, and grades color on-the-fly in HD).

  3. These plugins are obsolete as far as cuda is concerned.

    When I drop looks on my sequense in premiere, there is no real time. More like slower than slow time.

    Sucks do not buy.

  4. Quote”Red Giant has is committed to working with Adobe to resolve this situation. We love Premiere Pro and feel that it and Colorista were born for each other.”End Quote

    I find above comment from Stu Maschwitz highly incompatible with his book digital rebel which I have purchased.

    In there he says NEVER TO COLOR CORRECT in Premiere Pro due to its inferior image quality.
    He states several times that color correction should ONLY take place in After Effects.

    Guess folks will say ANYTHING these days to sell their code !!!

  5. Described tool (keyer) not workin with CS5.5

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