Plastic Bullet International Contest – And the winners are…
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

We got a lot of great imagery in our Plastic Bullet International contest. Too much, in fact. All that great stuff made for a tough decision, but thankfully I didn’t have to make it on my own. The entire team at Red Giant voted on our favorite images, and below are the 3 winners:

@daveweekes68 - Dave Weekes, from Anan, Tokushima, Japan. This was our clear winner. It received more votes than any other photo.

@motogotoe - Tanner Thompson. We loved this one almost as much as the image above. But the last few votes brought it into 2nd place. Still, a fantastic image.

@lorenzobax - Lorenzo Bassotto, in Verona. This image didn't score quite as high in the voting, but it still rose high above the remaining images. It's got some real character and emotional depth.

Winners receive either a $50 Apple gift card or any single Red Giant plug-in. Congratulations folks! Great work!

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