Known issues with Magic Bullet and OSX Lion
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Friday, July 29th, 2011

Hey folks – We wanted to let you know that we’re aware of and working on the fixes for issues that have come up in Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista II on OS X Lion. The good news is, that for the 2 major issues, there are temporary workarounds. Jeremy, our head of support, put together a screen capture to walk you through it, and below that, you’ll find a description of the process, in text format:

Magic Bullet Looks 2:

  • Description: On OS X Lion 10.7 with Final Cut Pro 7, Magic Bullet Looks LooksBuilder doesn’t open properly after clicking the Edit button.
  • Temporary Solution: After clicking the Edit button, move the playhead in the Timeline and this will open the LooksBuider.

Magic Bullet Colorista II:

  • Description: On OS X Lion 10.7 with Final Cut Pro 7, Magic Bullet Colorista II doesn’t update preview when the parameters of the color wheel are changed.
  • Temporary Solution: After adjusting the parameters in Colorista II, move the playhead in the Timeline and this will force the preview to update.

Again, we know this isn’t ideal, but we are quickly working towards a solution. Stay tuned.

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43 Responses to “Known issues with Magic Bullet and OSX Lion”

  1. Rodrigo Melgarejo Says:

    I’m highly anticipating this update. I have a lot of work on the sidelines until this gets fixed. The workarounds are not sufficient for long projects that require lots of coloring and effects. also, another known problem is the color wheels reset if the clip is trimmed or simply opening up my project on FCP i notice my effects have reset.

  2. Enea Says:

    you have been saying your engineers have been working on this for over a week now. how hard can it be.

    the main problem isnt the edit window opening but its the fact that everything resets if you copy the effect.
    this product is useless until it gets fixed. please help your loyal customers

  3. Caleb Pike Says:

    Yeah and I JUST bought it :’(

  4. Corey Frey Says:

    I’ve also noticed that I can no longer copy/paste a Looks filter to clips in the timeline. It will paste Looks into the filter tab but it’s absent the adjustments made in the copied filter. I can make a Looks file and load it each time but the copy/paste saves time.

  5. Sam Says:

    Other problems I am having:
    -Cannot copy and paste “Magic Bullet Looks” attributes/filters.
    -Magic bullet settings applied on a clip will be removed if you add text or clip on top of it (second video track)

    Please fix soon!!

  6. Morgan Estill Says:

    My entire production company upgraded to Lion. I wanted to let you know of a few other issues we are having with Looks 2.

    After a FCP files has been saved with Looks 2 effects and reopened, the effect is often missing completely. Turning the effect on and off again appears to do nothing. In other words, every time a project file is opened, one must reapply the effect, select a preset (or worse, start from scratch) and then click finish in Looks 2 for the effect to even become visible again.

    I hope an update is coming soon. We’re in the last few weeks of a deadline for a large project and will either be forced to reload Snow Leopard or be forced to move to another intensive grading application – which we DON’T want. Looks 2 is too damn powerful and user friendly not to use.

    We look forwards to updates and future projects!

  7. Kaylinn Says:

    Here is some added information from out latest blog post:

    I hope this will be able to answer some of your questions. If you would like to start a support case with us here is the link:
    Thank you,

  8. Kyle Says:

    Thanks for your help with these issues, Magic Bullet! We know it is not your fault that Apple created a kind of screwy OS.

    Is there a solution to copying and pasting effects from one clip to another? I am unable to do so in Final Cut?


  9. Julie Says:

    Please fix this…it’s annoying for professional editors who use your software every day. You knew OS Lion was coming yet you still aren’t prepared!

  10. Tom Says:

    “My entire production company upgraded to Lion.” Rule #1: NEVER upgrade to any Apple OS until the bugs are worked out… what bright boy made that decision? ;-)

  11. Don Says:

    Copy and Paste doesn’t work here for the majority of properties on Colorista II either! Lion has been out for months now. PLEASE UPDATE!

  12. Kevin Says:

    Another issue that I’m not seeing written anywhere else here:

    After working around the issues mentioned and successfully finishing my coloring with Looks, when I export the movie, none of the color correction makes it into the quicktime. It exports uncorrected. Is there a work around for this? I’m really depending on it.

  13. Kaylinn Says:

    Please contact our support team so we can further look into this issue:
    Thank you!

  14. Peter Says:

    PLEASE please fix the copy/paste issue asap.

  15. Chris Says:

    I would really like this product fixed. It has been very frustrating using this product with its known bugs. I have had to color grade clips several time because if you don’t fully render each clip after color grading it throws the colors out of whack.

    Also, can you please fix Magic Bullet Denoiser. This program has never worked for me, and you won’t give me my money back.

    I am losing patience with Red giant…

  16. Kaylinn Says:

    We are truly sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re at Apple’s mercy, at this point. Here is some further information:
    As for a refund for Magic Bullet Denoiser, here is a link to our refund form:
    Please contact our support team if you need any further information.
    Thank you,

  17. Stephan Says:

    Any word on the copy/paste feature??? Please, I need a fix asap.

  18. Kaylinn Says:

    We are currently working with Apple to resolve this issue. Ensure we will make an announcement when a fix is available.
    Thank you,

  19. Greg Says:

    Do you guys have any idea of a timeframe when these fixes can be done? Its totally slowing down my workflow tremendously :-(

  20. Chad Says:

    Yes this is a big hiccup in my workflow as well and AS SOON as there’s a patch I need to apply it. As annoying as it it it really has shown me how important looks is in my day-to-day! Is there any way that we can sign up to be notified as soon as the fix is written? I would like that.

  21. Kaylinn Says:

    We are working with Apple to resolve this. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA of when this fix will be release.

  22. Kaylinn Says:

    Yes, you can sign up for our newsletter here:
    Or you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.
    Once we release a fix, ensure we will let everyone know.
    Thank you,

  23. Chad Says:

    Thank you. Already subscribed. Waiting somewhat patiently. :-/

  24. Jim Gilson Says:

    not yet?

  25. Aharon Rabinowitz Says:

    Jim – apple has yet to release an update to Lion. When that’s out, we’ll have more info for you. We await the update eagerly.

  26. Miguel Chichorro Says:

    Apple Lion 10.7.2 update solved the plug-in problems so far.
    Now Looks parameters can be saved and copied from a clip to another.

  27. Ryan Lightbourn Says:

    Looks now works fine with the latest OS X update!

  28. stefano Says:

    funziona tutto adesso?

  29. Kaylinn Says:

    Yes, the bugs have been resolved with that latest update release for Lion.
    Please contact us if you continue to have any issues:
    Thank you,

  30. Jim Gilson Says:

    RedGiant’s compatibility list still shows not working with Lion.

  31. Jim Gilson Says:

    works now except for Media Composer 6

  32. Adam Stern Says:

    Colorista II has never worked properly for me in AE 5.5/Lion. Installed latest updates, etc. Have gone through permissions/uninstalls/reinstall with support. Nothing has worked, controls in plugin work for first few changes then stop working. Help.

  33. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:

    This looks like something our support team needs to take a look into. Please contact us so we can start you a support case:
    Thank you!

  34. Alex Says:

    I am dissapointed that 7 months later this software is still buggy and these issues have not been fixed. For $400 I expect a higher quality product.

  35. Aharon Rabinowitz Says:

    Alex – Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Since the update, we’ve only heard good stuff. Have you downloaded the latest version of Magic Bullet Suite? Try that first. If that doesn’t work, Can you please contact support at – we’d love to help you, but we can only do it if you give us a detailed description of what you want. Talk to support and they will help you!

  36. ben Says:

    magic bullet looks does not preview my footage, how can this be resolved

  37. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    There could be a couple different factors. Please contact our Support Team for assistance:
    Thank you,

  38. Mark Says:

    I’m very irritated that despite the fact that they said that they are aware of the problem, and working on fixes, yet the problem IS STILL NOT FIXED. Why? It has been too long. FIX THIS PROBLEM WITH OSX LION!!

    PS I have the most recent version of Colorista

  39. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    We are currently compatible with Lion and Mountain Lion. Please contact our support team so we may look into the issue:

    Thank you,

  40. sam Says:

    My magic bullet looks doesnt have a finish button:(

  41. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    Please contact our support team:
    Thank you,

  42. Peter Says:

    Running fcp studio / fcp 6
    In motion if i apply colorista everything turns pink/ a pink hue
    Cant figure out why


  43. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    Please contact our support team with some screen shots and information about your system. Please also include your video card information.
    Thank you,



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