Denoiser is Being Removed Temporarily

Dec 1, 2011 95 21 Share
Nate Sparks
Nate Sparks

Our goal at Red Giant is to offer unique products that provide real value to our customers.

In March 2011, Google acquired a technology company called Green Parrot Pictures to improve the quality of videos uploaded to its YouTube service. (Read article) Green Parrot Pictures was our development partner on Magic Bullet Denoiser, and its video denoising technology is an integral part of the plug-in.

Because of the Google acquisition, Red Giant no longer has the legal right to sell Denoiser. Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase or download Denoiser from us, as we have to remove all current and past versions from our website and product catalog. With the next update of Magic Bullet Suite in mid-December, Denoiser will no longer ship with the Suite.

The good news is that you can continue to use your copy of Denoiser. The Google acquisition does not change your rights to use a product that you already have. It only affects our legal right to sell or distribute it further.

Our Red Giant team is hard at work developing a new version of Denoiser. In early 2012, the new Denoiser II will be included in Magic Bullet Suite and sold individually. We are confident this version will deliver the same great results as the Denoiser that you currently use and love. In fact, we feel the new Denoiser will be more stable, as it addresses customer requests and quality issues. NOTE: Due to the restriction of the Green Parrot Pictures license, Denoiser II will not be backward compatible with earlier Denoiser projects.

Current owners of Denoiser 1.0/1.0.1 will get a free update to Denoiser II. New purchases of Magic Bullet Suite will also receive Denoiser II at no additional cost. For full details about the transition to Denoiser II, please read our Denoiser FAQ Page.

Product quality is very important to us, and we’re making sure the results are amazing. We feel that current and future customers will be happy with the new product once it’s available, but until then there will be a gap in service. We truly apologize for any inconvenience, and hope you share our excitement about the upcoming potential of the new Denoiser II.

As always, we want to hear from our customers. If you have any thoughts about this decision, send an email to If you have any sales or support questions, please contact our Support team.

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