A BuZZ about Red Giant
By Sarah Wise
Published on Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

(Above photos taken with Movie Looks app for iPhone/iPad)

Digital Production BuZZ is one of the production industry’s longest running podcasts. Each week, host Larry Jordan keeps listeners up-to-date with trends and technologies in digital production and post production.

Earlier this month, Sean Safreed, co-owner and Director of Product Management at Red Giant, appeared on the BuZZ to give his thoughts on ‘Shooting Movies on an iPhone’. Talking to a somewhat skeptical Larry Jordan, Sean opined on whether it makes sense for producers to consider doing post production on an iPhone, what the challenges are and what tools are available.

“It fits the continuum of enabling tools that have gone before. When the first affordable professional mini DV camera – specifically the Sony VX1000 – came along in the mid-90’s, it got Stu Maschwitz [Creative Director for Red Giant's Magic Bullet products] into thinking he could create his own motion pictures.” Said Safreed.

“Next came MiniDV with 24p in the Panasonic DVX100 and then the price came down even more and you were able to get 24p in a Canon HD camera like the HD20 a few years back. And that became a hot indie tool. This is a continuum of that evolution, beginning with a high quality camera in a really small package.

“It’s more than just shooting videos using the iPhone. The [iPhone] 4s camera has shown itself to be a great camera with image stabilisation that is nearly as good, or even better in some cases than a little hand held HD camera. And the big thing this has going for it is the software flexibility. It’s got the capabilities to take the video you’ve got right there on set and then do something with it. You can edit it or add effects like we have done with our Movie Looks tool or use a host of other great image tools on the iPhone.”

Can you really shoot a movie with an iPhone? Do you agree with Sean? Tune in to hear the full BuZZ podcast.

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