Are you Ready for CS6? We Are.
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Hey folks – yesterday Adobe announced CS6, and committed to a release within 30 days. So now you’re thinking, “I’d love to get on board, but what about my plug-ins? I can’t MoGraph without Trapcode! I can’t cut without Magic Bullet!”

Well, if you’re ready to jump on CS6, I’ve got good news. 3 pieces of good news, actually:

  1. Red Giant Products will be CS6 compatible on the day of the CS6 launch.
  2. All current CS5 & CS5.5 compatible products will be updated to CS6.
  3. All CS6 updates will be FREE for existing users (so if you already own the product, or want to buy it now, you’re covered).

Yeah, we got your back.

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36 Responses to “Are you Ready for CS6? We Are.”

  1. Richard Says:

    Are the RGS plugins going to be CUDA-accellerated in Ae and PPro? Cuz that would be awesome!

  2. James Downie Says:

    I have MBL for FCP, but I’ve recently migrated to Premiere Pro. Is there any discount on MBL for PP?

  3. Chip Dizard Says:

    You guys rock! That is why I use Magic Bullet and Red Giant products faithfully.

  4. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    You should be able to just reinstall your Magic Bullet Looks for PPro without any added costs.
    Please contact our support team if you need any help reinstalling:

    Thank you,

  5. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    Not at this time but I would be happy to add this information to our current feature requests.
    Thank you,

  6. Jorge Says:

    Thanks for the support from day one!

  7. Joel Says:

    Awesome guys, great support.

  8. Douglas Horn Says:

    Thanks for staying on top of this. I’m looking forward to implementing many new CS6 features right away but did not want to go there without my key RG plugins.

  9. Victor Merritt Says:

    I can not Thank You enough. How long could I last without my Trapcode, maybe an hour? But now that is not even a concern.
    Life is Good!

  10. Tom Dagion Says:

    Another reason why I buy all my stuff from RGS. They not only are organized and well presented, they do nice things for their customers!

  11. Pheng Vue Says:

    Thank you RGS! Love the awesome support and of course, the awesome plugins!

    @Richard, I CONCUR!

  12. Douglas Horn Says:

    When will MB Denoiser II be ported to work from within NLEs instead of just with After Effects. It would be great to be able to clean up footage from Premiere.

  13. davidp158 Says:

    Thanks for the news about CS6 compatibility! Great products, great support = happy customers.

  14. max Says:

    nice info, thanks for your hard work

  15. WOODY HERMAN Says:

    Will the products need recoding or will it just be a matter of re-installing?
    I hate to think that the Adobe After Effects will requie me to update all my third party software. Not everyone operates like Red Giant.

  16. Derrick van Niekerk Says:

    I would also want to adda feature request for CUDA support, will make the plugins UBER COOL !!!

    - Derrick

  17. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    All you would need to do is download and reinstall with our latest installer for the update.
    Let us know if you need any assistance.
    Thank you,

  18. Julio dominguez Says:

    SO ready

  19. Suraj Raj Uprety Says:

    Hi,everyone has there own respect for Ur product and I am also one of them….well I have noticed Ur product from Ever-motion Arch visualization Tutorials which they use for post production…in very well manner,,,,,,and i like very much.

  20. Jesudas Says:

    Great! Thanks for your Care & Support.
    Your value for our investment makes us feel secured.
    Wonderful plug-ins!

  21. steve3 Says:

    When will you release the updates? I’d like MBPL now!!! xD

  22. Travis Says:

    I just downloaded (I think) the latest installer on your site for Trapcode Suite and it does not show AE or Premier CS6 as an option. (Yes, I do have Master Collection CS6 installed and registered.)

  23. Alan Says:

    Ey guys i have the After Effects CS6 for windows 7 64bits, i download your trial version for test it, but it doesnt works on my version, what can i do?

  24. Peter Says:

    I just downloaded the installer and there is no option for CS6 installation? I downloaded the installers for Trapcode Suite and Magic Bullet Suite from, have these installers been updated?

  25. santiago Says:

    when is this update going to be released? im CS6 ready now and cant wait for this!!!

  26. Aharon Rabinowitz Says:

    Hey folks – Adobe announced this at 12 AM PST. As promised, it’s our intention to get this stuff up day 1. Once our team gets in this AM (they are on PST too, so be patient east-coasters) they’ll start getting stuff rolled out.

  27. Jake B Says:

    Is trap code suite 10 going to be compatable. I didn’t upgrade yet because particular never changed between the two versions and thats what I use most?

  28. Patrick Says:

    Hey there
    I’ ve downloaded cs6 today and also the mbs from your update site. But like the other, i haven’ the choice for cs6 in the installer.
    Can you post a link, where we can find the right update?

  29. Suresh Kara Says:

    Hi guys any idea on the location or eta of the update?

  30. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    We just released our installers which included the CS6 update. You can located them here:

    Thank you,

  31. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    The Suite 10 installer wont have the CS6 option. You can download the latest Suite 11 installer for your Particular. The only issue you may have is with Trapcode Form. Please contact our support team so we can help you install for that product:

    Thank you,

  32. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    We have just release the installers for CS6. Here is some further information:

    Thank you,

  33. Chris Says:

    Are the CS6 updates for Quick Looks Free, etc., as well?

  34. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    We are currently working on compatibility for CS6 with our free products.
    We will contact you when we have further information.
    Thank you,

  35. Michael Says:

    what about CS6 compatibility for your free products. When will they be available? Any new information?

  36. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    Our free products do not have CS6 installers at this time. Although, we do provide these workaround for Mac and Windows.

    If you have any troubles, please feel free to contact our support team.
    Thank you,



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