Adobe CS6 Updates Are Here!

May 7, 2012 429 41 Share
Micah Sharp
Micah Sharp
Hey folks – as promised, we are ready day-one with CS6 compatibility for all of our products. If you own our current CS5.5 compatible products, your updates to CS6 are FREE.

To get your free CS6-compatible installers, please download them HERE.

For Magic Bullet Suite 11 users, you can alternatively use Red Giant Link to grab the latest installers. Depending on how you have notifications set up, Link will automatically update you when the release is available; just follow the on-screen instructions for updating. If Link isn’t set up to automatically grab updates, launch Link from your Applications Folder on a Mac (Applications > Red Giant Link) or from your Program Files on Windows (Program Files > Red Giant Link).

What are you getting?
  • Red Giant has been participating in Adobe’s CS6 beta programs to ensure all of our products work properly in the new host applications. This means that ALL of Red Giant’s products have been tested for quality inside of After Effects CS6, Premiere Pro CS6, and Photoshop CS6, where applicable.
  • To ensure full compatibility with CS6, please ensure you’re using the products included in this latest release. We did find bugs! And we fixed them!
  • The Magic Bullet, Trapcode, Effects, and Keying Suite installers have all been updated to support CS6 applications as targets for installing our products. This means you install once and your Red Giant products end up in the proper spot from the start – no copying of files required once the installer has run.
Known Issues
  • We are continuing to work with Adobe with a couple of issues that popped up very late in their beta process in both Trapcode Particular and Trapcode Form: The Orthographic Camera in After Effects CS6 is not working properly with Particular and Form.
  • Also in Trapcode Form: Form runs into ram preview issues if the Camera layer is not the same length as the composition. To prevent these issues, make sure the Camera layer extends from the beginning of the timeline, even if the Form layer begins somewhat later.
  • In Knoll Light Factory in OSX: When you have GPU rendering turned on, it causes artifacts in preview renders. This does not affect output renders.
  • For Magic Bullet QuickLooks: You need to click the “Apply Look” button twice in Premiere Pro CS6 in order to launch the Looks Builder.
  • And, in Toonit: Toonit sometimes causes crashes in Premiere Pro CS6 on OSX. We’re still working on the exact steps that cause this behaviour; it’s intermittent and hard to nail down (we’re also working on a fix!).
What next?

If you have any difficulty, please contact our amazing support team at:

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