Looks, Mojo, & FCPX 10.0.7

Jan 24, 2013 97 30 Share
Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz

Hi folks –

Lately we’ve been hearing from a lot of you about Magic Bullet Looks and Mojo not working properly in FCPX 10.0.6 and 10.0.7. There is a known bug that causes frame rendering errors for these 2 plug-ins in the current version of FCPX. While there is a workaround for users who have Apple Compressor, we know this is not a real solution – certainly not one up to the standard of Red Giant.

Many of you have been asking us why, with all of our (awesome) engineers, it’s taking us so long to fix the bug. The truth is, while there is a bug causing these issues, it’s not coming from us. There is a serious bug in FCPX that causes many plug-ins (not just Red Giant’s) to output bad frames. We have been working with Apple to help them figure out a fix, but so far nothing is forthcoming.

So in short, until Apple fixes the problem, there’s nothing that even our amazing team of engineers can do.

We know that’s a hard pill to swallow and we feel your pain. We don’t like it when our software isn’t working properly. We especially don’t like it when our customers are unhappy.

We know Apple is trying to solve the problem. And whatever the changes they make to FCPX – if it fixes the issue automatically, we will make sure you hear about it – and if their changes require us to do some additional engineering on our end, rest assured, we’ll do it as fast as humanly possible.

In the meantime, thanks so much for your understanding and support. Hang in there.

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