Red Giant and FCPX 10.1 (Part 2)
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Hey folks – in a previous post we gave you a heads up that Magic Bullet Looks and PluralEyes 3 might not be fully compatible with FCPX 10.1. At that time, we asked for patience so that we could test further.

Good news! Magic Bullet Looks has been thoroughly tested by our QA team and is officially compatible with FCPX 10.1. To be clear, if you are on the latest version of Looks, no update is needed.

(Of course, to be sure you are using the latest version of Looks, you can always grab the latest Color Suite installer HERE or use Red Giant Link to update.)

As far as PluralEyes 3 goes, we found a few bugs and are working on an update, coming soon. Hang in there. We’re on it.

Thanks so much, folks.  Let us know if you have any issues we can help with. We’re here for you.


2 Responses to “Red Giant and FCPX 10.1 (Part 2)”

  1. Brian Beck Says:

    PS Tried Plural Eyes 3.3 thats installed with the shooters suite and there is a syncing issue with FCP 10.1. When imported to FCP the synced audio tracks sound like an ‘echo’. There is no problem using PE 3.2.2……interesting.

  2. Simon Clarke Says:

    I have found an issue after syncing and importing back to FCPX 10.1 that the multicam clip it creates is blank as a clip but the footage is there when you go into the multicam clip?
    The work around I am using is to use another machine that has FCPX 10.0.9 doing the same work flow then taking the FCP event and project folder from the hard drive into the new 10.1 and updating the event & project folders into 10.1 this is working but is no ideal.
    Just thought it may help if anyone else is having the same issues



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