Supernova: Behind the Scenes of Red Giant Universe
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

If you checked out Red Giant Universe, you probably caught that, in the Universe video, we promised frequent updates.  We know you’ve heard that kind of thing before, but we don’t make that promise lightly. We’ve built Universe in a way that allows us to deliver on that promise.

The secret is Supernova – an app we use internally to quickly create and update our Universe plug-ins. Here’s how it works:


6 Responses to “Supernova: Behind the Scenes of Red Giant Universe”

  1. Dave Mehrman Says:

    very exciting… can’t wait to see all the additional tools that get built.

  2. Mark Boszko Says:

    Okay, so when do we get access to Supernova? You can’t tease us with a tutorial on how to build a plug-in with Supernova and not let us actually do it. ;-)

  3. Joseph Bourke Says:

    So how does RG Universe effect RG plugin suites which I already own? I’m dying to try it out, but I also own, and have installed, Magic Bullet Suite, Effects Suite, and Trapcode Suite. I just want to make sure that Universe won’t interfere with my installs and licensing. Thanks. It looks like a great concept!

  4. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:


    Universe shouldn’t effect your current products at all! This is a separate product just like the suites.
    Go ahead, try it out and let us know what you think.


  5. Viktor Devjatov Says:

    I have an idea for plugin, and i’ve been looking exactly for that type of app to create it,
    since my coding skills are limited and i don’t want to spend years learning C++.
    There is a certain user friendly development tool (FxFactory) for Mac, but not for Windows.
    In other words i’m dying to get an access to Supernova to create something exciting.
    Will you let us? :)

  6. Kaylinn Solazzo Says:

    Thank you so much for your feedback. We still have our SuperNova Developer’s form posted:
    Please fill this our if you are interested in applying and we’ll add you to the list!
    Thanks again!




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