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Justin Harder throws a Tea Party (& you’re all invited)
By Debbie Rich
Published on Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Justin Harder is an amazing director in Venice, California who moves fluidly between cell animation, 2D/3D motion design and directing live action. His work has been shown in venues ranging from the global festival OneDotZero to the Taschen Logo Design Vol 2 book.

I recently spoke with Justin about the Tea Party video he did for the singer Kerli, which was composited with After Effects and uses our popular Magic Bullet Looks for color grading.

Kerli ‘Tea Party’

Justin said, “Kerli was one of those projects that came together fairly well as planned, considering the budget wasn’t that accommodating for what I wanted to achieve. Kerli and all the characters I created were a lot of fun to work with on set and in post. We had an amazing die-hard crew that worked around the clock to make it happen, and my thanks go to everybody.”

“I used Looks in After Effects because its the best color corrector out there. It gives your work an edge – something you wouldn’t find by just using hue & satch, levels and color balance, which is what I would normally use.”

To really understand Justin’s mastery, here is the original Tea Party green screen edit before the keying, effects and Looks were added.

See more of Justin’s work on his Vimeo channel, including this new portfolio montage that he recently cut. Many of the works in the montage also make use of Magic Bullet Looks. As Justin said to me, “What projects of mine DON’T use Red Giant or Trapcode software?”


Plastic Bullet gets silky with Red Ruby Rose (& free PB offer!)
By Debbie Rich
Published on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

I discovered Rowena Dugdale and her love of Plastic Bullet when she posted beautiful images she had photographed and plasticized on her Red Ruby Rose blog. Rowena worked Plastic Bullet images into some of her gorgeous handmade silk clutch bags, and I wrestled the opportunity to write about them because, well, Aharon Rabinowitz can just go write about hardware stuff!

Here are Rowena’s original Plastic Bullet photos for her Zebra and Chandelier clutches:

And transformed into Red Ruby Rose silk clutch bags:

The Zebra and Chandelier designs are captured directly from Plastic Bullet. Rowena told me, “The zebra print is a PB photo of a suede silkscreen textile print I created at college. I grabbed my iPhone just to see how it would photograph through PB before scanning but it looked so great through the phone I used it as is.”



Toadlickers is up for Two Webby Awards
By Debbie Rich
Published on Friday, April 15th, 2011

Director, writer and producer Paul D. is delighted that his remarkable new promo for Thomas Dolby’s Toadlickers, has been nominated for not one, but two Webby Awards. The Webby’s are the Oscars of the internet so this is quite a big deal. The video was filmed at last summer’s Maverick Festival and color graded using our Magic Bullet Suite, so here at Red Giant we are doubly excited.

According to Paul D, the Toadlickers track “is about a group of scientists who live in the hills of Snowdonia, get high licking toads, get the munchies and come out at night to raid sweetshops.” (Now how would a musician know anything about this?)
About his Magic Bullet process, Paul explains, “With the final cut complete, it was time to move to a grade for which Red Giant Software’s Magic Bullet Suite 10 was used. The black and white sequences were handcrafted with a mixture of Looks & Misfire and the video as a whole was graded using a combination of Colorista II and Looks (all running as Premiere Pro CS5 plug-ins). This was the first time I had used this brand new version of Colorista and its significant new functionality came in handy, especially its impressive masking and keying, which proved invaluable.”
Read the full behind-the-scenes scoop in Paul’s Making Of Part 1 blog post and his Part 2 blog post.

These ‘Making Of’ articles are very interesting, as Paul goes through his process of doing three separate photoshoots for the Dolby band, the toadlicker actors and the animal puppets. He talks about lighting around different weather conditions, his choice of camera equipment, the VFX compositing deets, and hunting down props that include the ever-elusive ‘Eat Me’ sweets.
Toadlickers is nominated in the ONLINE FILM & VIDEO > MUSIC category of The Webby People’s Voice Award. Closing date for votes is April 28, so there’s still time to get your vote in. You can vote for Paul D on the Webby site. See Paul D’s portfolio here and Thomas Dolby’s music here.


Results – Magic Bullet Looks Contest
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Recently, we asked you to send us your favorite videos that use Magic Bullet Looks, and if we loved it, we would give you and the creator any single plug-in of your choice. You sent a ton of great ones, but we had to boil it down to 3, and here they are:

Color Grading Demo by Crooked Path Films
(Submitted by Crooked Path Films):


Dave Sills: Life without Love – by Kevin Otterness
(Submitted by Brenton House):


Adrift – by Paul Joy and Peter Naylor
(Submitted by Brenton House):

Thanks to all for the great submissions!


The Time Closet is Here!
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Monday, March 28th, 2011

If you’ve been reading this blog, or following us on twitter, you know that production is in full swing for our short film “Plot Device.” You probably also caught that it is being directed and was co-written by Seth Worley. You may have caught his awesome series Adventure Now. But if not, or if you’ve been craving more genius punctuated by hilarity (with a side order of irony) check out Seth’s new web series The Time Closet.

Much of the cast and crew are the same people who are working on Plot Device, including our lead actor (seen above), Ben Worley (who is not in any way related to Director Seth Worley, except that they are brothers).

Excited to learn more? We are! Check it out where you can watch the episodes, and also get hooked up for some premium content including tutorials and behind the scenes material you won’t find anywhere else. Shazam!

Congratulations Seth and The Time Closet team!

Now… Uh… guys… can you stop patting each other on the back and get back to work?


Magic Bullet: The Gold Medal Standard (and a Bronze Too)
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Monday, March 14th, 2011

We recently received this email from Olympic Gold Medalist Mel Stewart, so we thought we’d share it:


Title: Thanks Red Giant!

‘I’m a 3-time Olympic medalist (2 gold, 1 bronze) in swimming. Our company, Gold Medal Media, is relatively small. My wife produces and I direct with a relatively small crew. 90% of our work is production services for Olympians, with an emphasis on Olympic swimmers. Time is always tight working around Olympians’ training schedules. Conditions are never ideal. We have to work fast and light is iffy.’

‘This past year, a lot of friends recommended Magic Bullet Looks to help us color correct and just add an extra level of production value. We finally followed their advice in early January knowing we had a project to capture January 29th. The software was simple to use after only one tutorial. We did test shots (on one of our DSLRs, ripped on Magic Bullet Grinder to prores 422), imported to FCP, and launched Magic Bullet Looks. The choices weren’t overwhelming. We found the look we wanted in no time, and then dialed that look to our exact specifications.’

‘The end result, our overall workflow was seamless, our client was happy, and we will not do a project again without Magic Bullet Looks.

Thanks Mel! We’re so glad you got your feet wet with Magic Bullet! Did you see how I did that? Getting your feet wet… swimming… get it? (sigh) Hey, they can’t all be winners.

If your interested in learning more about Mel’s work, check out his website @ And follow him via social media on Twitter as @goldmedalmel & Facebook as Gold Medal Mel.




Trapcode Particular gets Between Bears
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Between Bears – Eran Hilleli

We recently noted that Eran Hilleli won the Best Animation Vimeo Festival Award (2010) for his work on “Between Bears.” In his post, Eran mentioned that he used Trapcode Particular for part of this project, so we asked him if he could break it down a little more to explain where and how it was used:

“I used Trapcode Particular and Trapcode Form three times throughout my project. First, at the beginning, where the bear is shaving his hand. All of the flying and falling triangles were made with Trapcode. Also later in the film [3:41 - 3:49], when diving down toward the white bear there is a splash of Trapcode. The last tiny bit is when all the pointy headed dwarves are walking, you can see tiny specs which were made with Trapcode [2:27].”


This project was Eran Hilleli’s graduation film at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Since graduating, Eran has picked up various freelance gigs and tries his best to carve out some time to continue his own creative projects. See more of his great work at

Original music composed by Ori Avni
Performed by Ori Avni and Daniela Spector


Pictures from the “Plot Device” Film Shoot
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

This weekend director Seth Worley filmed most of the shots for our short film “Plot Device.”It rained most of the time, but he and his team were totally pro’s and worked through it, filming what will ultimately be the coolest production I’ve ever been a part of. We asked the cast and crew to take pictures and tweet them, but we thought you’d enjoy seeing them all in one place:

In a previous post I told you that the film was a buddy-cop, romance, indie-film, noir, zombie horror, Michael Bay-style science fiction movie. As you can see from the photos, I was not kidding.

Image credits and extreme thanks go to:


Vid-Atlantic: From Snoop Dogg to Hardware
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Monday, March 7th, 2011

“We had to revise the video after the color grade was delivered and drop in new big chunks of video segment that the colorist never touched. The colorist used Resolve and we used Looks to match those new segments without skipping a beat!”

If you’ve been following us on twitter or have been keeping up with the blog, you may have caught that we’re making a short film. In his search for some gear for the shoot, our director Seth Worley, pointed out this video of an as of yet unreleased Lens Filter from Vid-Atlantic Media Production that can give a standard DSLR lens some of the qualities of an anamorphic lens.

From the guys at Vid-Atlantic: “What it does is mimic characteristics of anamorphic lenses such as the flare or streak and vertically stretched bokeh. It’s very easy to use and allows you to rack focus your photo lens like normal. This is a HUGE plus as shooting with real anamorphic attachments requires you to focus both the anamorphic lens and the photographic lens, making run and gun shooting pretty much impossible.”

I did some research, and it turns out that they are primarily in the business of shooting music videos and promotional content for electronic artists and DJs – not primarily in the business of hardware. In fact, In 2009, Vid-Atlantic won the highest honor for a music video, a coveted MTV VMA Moon-man for Best Dance Video. Below is their music video demo reel:

About the video, Eddie Enciu, from Vid-Atlantic said: “We’ve used many products in the past from apples color to even recently the resolve, but we’ve settled on Colorista II and Magic Bullet Looks as our drugs of choice now. I’ve used Magic Bullet since 2004. 75% or more of that video had either Magic Bullet Looks or Trapcode Starglow. Lately I’ve been using the Magic Bullet Denoiser since losing a few f-stops when shooting with our CineMorph filter, and our partner team and us are experimenting making a music video mainly using sound keys.”

Their videos are all airing globally on music video networks including MTV, mainly doing work for Spinnin Records and Vicious Records for their US based superstar Producer/DJ Ian Carey. They just wrapped the latest video with Snoop Dogg, using, among other things, Magic Bullet Looks to help create the color and mood. In fact, while some shots were graded with Davinci (with Looks added for even more mood), Eddie tells me: “We had to revise the video after the color grade was delivered and drop in new big chunks of video segment that the colorist never touched. The colorist used Resolve and we used Looks to match those new segments without skipping a beat!”

Trapcode Form, Echospace and 3D Stroke were also used for the high-paced motion graphics seen in the video below.

So, how do a bunch of Music Video guys got into selling hardware?

“Our products are simply a spin-off from all of our experimenting on music videos and other productions. We’ve had to build our own products and later we get bombarded with requests to have them made for others who want to use similar tools. We developed a small 35mm adapter years ago before DSLRs but now it has become popular as we were the first to mount SLR lens on the iPhone 4 via the OWLE bubo. The clamps came about from our frustration of anamoprhic lenses never being able to mount correctly. And now the CineMorph filter has also come about because of the inability to rack focus and shoot run n gun using real anamorphic lens combos. It was really meant as a companion to real anamorphic shooting but for those selective focusing type shots. Everyone has gotten used to the same ol’ spherical look of DSLRs so anamorphics are making a comeback and interest is growing.”

Check out the Vid-Atlantic Media Production website to learn more.



Plot Device (Our Film) on Twitter
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Friday, March 4th, 2011

Hey folks – you may have caught from previous blog postings that we’re making a short film, directed by Seth Worly (with whom I co-wrote the story). It’s called “Plot Device,” and it looks to be awesome. We will be filming this weekend in Nashville, TN, and Elvis may, or may not, be in it. But if you don’t want to wait until the film is complete to get a sneak peak, you can follow tweets from the cast and crew starting TODAY. They’ll be using the hash tag #plotdevice (Click it! Click it!) to send thoughts and imagery out into the interwebs. Stuff is already being tweeted now.

NeilWHoppe|@wordslinger0044: "Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho." #plotdevice

NeilWHoppe|@wordslinger0044: "Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho." #plotdevice

What is “Plot Device” about? We’re not telling, other than to say that it’s a Buddy-cop, romance, indie-film-noir, zombie horror, Michael Bay-style science fiction movie. I swear.

Stay tuned my friends! You will believe. Oh yes, you will believe!

And now back to your regularly-scheduled blog feed.


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