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Announcing Trapcode MIR v2 Public Beta
By Red Giant Team
Published on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013


Development continues with Mir, the latest addition to the Trapcode Suite. Owners of Trapcode Mir 1.0/Trapcode Suite 12 may download and test the new special Public Beta of Mir v2.0 available now hosted at Trapcode.com. Please visit Trapcode.com (http://www.trapcode.com/mir-beta-download/) for steps on downloading the plugin.

Mir is useful for generating flowing organic elements, abstract landscapes and nebula structures quickly rendered in AE’s 3D space with options for light, shading modes and fractal distortion. Try out the new features currently included in this beta:

  • Optimized rendering – up to 3x faster
  • New Z Range parameter in the Fractal controls
  • Second Pass Wireframe mode
  • New Option to use Quads instead of triangles.
  • A new Pop-up for manually setting VRAM. Useful with high end cards with >2GB VRAM

All issues, feedback and feature requests can be made at the Trapcode Beta Forum on Trapcode.com. You can also follow @rymden on Twitter for updates directly from Trapcode creator Peder Norrby.

Technical Notes on Participating in the Beta:

The download is available in a zip file with the plug-in itself, there is no installer. If you feel unsure about the how to install they beta version by following the steps listed on the Beta site, please don’t touch anything and just wait for the proper release.

WARNING! This is beta software. It may crash your computer. You may not be able to load a project saved with a beta version in a later beta or in the release version. Take care if using in production; render out and treat the render like it is footage from then on – you cannot be sure a later version will be able to load the project correctly.

Happy Testing!


PluralEyes 3 Update: More Camera Support & Automatic Organization
By Red Giant Team
Published on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Hey folks – We’re always working hard at improving our software, and ultimately, your experience. Red Giant PluralEyes 3 is one of the few products in the world with what is, essentially, a do my work for me button that actually works. With the click of the sync button, PluralEyes 3 syncs your audio and multi-camera video in seconds, instead of days. But we just weren’t satisfied enough with that. We wanted to make it ever easier.

Introducing a new PluralEyes feature called SMART START.

Whether adding a small set of media files or importing multiple folders of multicam files, the new Smart Start feature in PluralEyes 3.3 intelligently organizes your media, so you can start synchronizing sooner. Add entire folders of media, while preserving folder structures and names, with easy drag and drop organization of media.

There are also several other new features as well:

  • A new revised look and feel, streamlined and simplified to bring focus where it’s needed.
  • Additional camera support: Canon C300, XF300 and other Canon XF cameras, with full support for spanned clips.
  • FREE for PluralEyes 3.0/3.1/3.2 or Shooter Suite owners, or get it now for only $199.

Download the updates HERE.

Just in case you’re new to PluralEyes, check out this video:


Software Update: Color Suite 11.0.3 Maintenance Release
By Red Giant Team
Published on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Hey folks – We’re very excited to announce that we just released Color Suite 11.0.3 and QuickLooks 1.4.4. Here’s what we fixed:

Magic Bullet Looks 2.1.2, Colorista II 1.0.9 -  This update includes fixes for pulling frame data in Adobe Premiere Pro 7.1. The Premiere Pro 7.1 update included a change that affected how we pull frame data into the Looksbuilder and the Secondary Keyer in Colorista II. Without this change, the result was that we were just pulling black frames which affected all customers who had Adobe Premiere Pro 7.1. Over 50 cases were reported to us on this one (and we’re grateful people did, because that’s how we investigate and solve bugs).

Mojo 1.2.4, Cosmo 1.0.2, Denoiser II 1.4.2 – We updated how serial numbers are handled. It was causing issues for some users on OSX Mavericks.

LUT Buddy 1.0.2 – Fixed an issue that caused a Version Mismatch error.

Magic Bullet Quicklooks 1.4.4 -  Fixed an issue where Premiere Pro and AE crashed when QuickLooks was installed on Mac OS X 10.9.

Download the updates HERE, or use Link.


The BulletProof Public Beta for Windows is Here!
By Red Giant Team
Published on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Hey Windows folks: You’ve been really patient, and we’ve finally got some great news: The BulletProof beta for windows is here – but we need your help!

With the release of BulletProof for Windows right around the corner, we are excited to start showing it off and getting feedback. Beta testing plays a key role in the success of our products as you, the user, are able to put our products through the paces in the real world -  and assist us with finding issues and giving us important feedback.

CLICK HERE to learn more about BulletProof for Windows, download the beta, and get started. On this page you will also find links to the Beta Forum, Release Notes, and videos to help you get started.

Again, thanks for hanging in there. We look forward to working with you.


A Green Light for Red Giant in OSX Mavericks
By Andrew Cheyne
Published on Friday, November 8th, 2013

Finally! All Red Giant products are good to go in OSX Mavericks. We have been releasing updates to our software since OSX Mavericks went live and we resolved any issues we found. In the end, there weren’t a ton of problems, but it takes a while to get all of our products tested thoroughly so we can say we have full confidence that our software is going to work 100%. Saying that, we were a bit late in our testing for this release; for that, I’m truly sorry.

In the end, only 2 suites needed to be updated:

  • Shooter Suite – The entire suite has been updated to take care of some licensing issues.
  • Color Suite – The only issue we found was with Colorista II (a big one; it crashed!).

The latest updates to both suites can be downloaded here, or simply use Red Giant Link to update your products.

To be explicit, all of our other products have been tested and are working fine in OSX Mavericks – that includes the Trapcode Suite, Keying Suite, and the Effects Suite.

Thanks for your patience as we ran this one through the testing wringer,

Andrew Cheyne – Director of Engineering


Shooter Suite Update for OSX Mavericks
By Randon Morford
Published on Friday, October 25th, 2013

We are happy to announce that we are ready for OSX Mavericks! Our team has been hard at work building and testing this free update to get it into your hands. The installer update can be found at http://www.redgiant.com/product-downloads/.

As always, your feedback is very important to us, so please continue to communicate with us and we will listen and work hard to deliver great products that make your video even better.


Run Like Hell – A New Red Giant Film from Stu Maschwitz
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Hey folks – We have a new Red Giant film from director Stu Maschwitz, a Hollywood VFX veteran who is also the creator of Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista, BulletProof and more. I’ve worked with Stu on the creation of different Red Giant products, which is always fun, but getting to work with him as a director has been crazy awesome. We, at Red Giant, are really proud to help Stu show off his chops and pitch a Hollywood feature. OK no more talk – watch the film, then go behind the scenes:

YouTube Preview Image

In director Stu Maschwitz’s short film, a young man sets out to reconnect with his high-school crush – but things don’t go as planned. ‘Run Like Hell’ is inspired by the cult classic video game from Interplay.

YouTube Preview Image

In this video, Aharon Rabinowitz takes you behind the scenes of director Stu Maschwitz’s Hollywood pitch/short film, Run Like Hell – inspired by the cult classic video game. Stu has a long history in visual effects (Star Wars, Sin City) and we’ll show you how how he prepped his shoot, filmed it on a $300 GoPro Camera, reviewed everything on set, and  brought it all together with visual effects and color correction.

On set, Stu relied heavily on Red Giant BulletProof to backup and review his footage. Get it now, for just $199!


OSX Mavericks and Red Giant’s Software
By Andrew Cheyne
Published on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Hello folks -

Apple has announced that the newest release of their desktop operating system, OSX Mavericks, will be available for download sometime today (On top of that, it’s a free update!). We have been testing our software with developer previews of Mavericks as much as possible, but can not, at this time, recommend that our users upgrade to Mavericks. There are a couple of reasons we’re not quite ready:

  • Some of our licensing code is not compatible with Mavericks. We’re working on a fix, but not quite there yet. (If you upgrade, you’re probably OK, but we’re seeing some issues and wouldn’t want you to have to deal with non-working software!)
  • The majority of our products are plugins, and we simply haven’t had access to working builds of all the applications our products plug into on Mavericks yet to test with. As soon as we have access, testing starts, and we’ll do our best to ensure you wont run into any problems.

We’ll update here as soon as we have news!

- Andrew Cheyne, Director of Engineering


Software Update: Shooter Suite 12.1
By Red Giant Team
Published on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Hey folks – we have a new update to Red Giant Shooter Suite – Shooter Suite 12.1. This update delivers new BulletProof and PluralEyes features and fixes. Updates are FREE for Shooter Suite 12 owners, PluralEyes 3 owners and BulletProof owners (depending upon what you own).

QUICK LINK: Download the latest Shooter Suite product installer.
(Individual products like BulletProof and PluralEyes are included in that installer.)

What’s new in Shooter Suite 12.1?

Red Giant BulletProof 1.0.1:

  • Better XML support. Improved XML file export for Premiere Pro makes sending metadata from BulletProof easier and more fluid.
  • More shortcuts! New keyboard commands for markers and the timeline give you a faster workflow.
  • Bug fixes. We fixed export issues when conforming different frame rates, timecode issues when exporting an FCP XML file, and inconsistency in the Search tool.

Red Giant PluralEyes 3.2.3:

  • New camera & NLE support. PluralEyes now imports media from Canon XF cameras, and exports a synced timeline to Media Composer 7.
  • Improved workflow. Fully supports In/Out points imported from your NLE.
  • More audio formats. Export as Media Files option now supports MP3, M4A, MOV and WAV files.
  • Bug fixes. Improved performance for clip dragging and multi-clip selection. Better handling of surround sound audio files and nested sequences when exporting to Premiere Pro.

In case you are new to Red Giant Shooter Suite, here’s a quick video all about it.

Buy Red Giant Shooter Suite for just $399!


One-Day Summer Sale! Get 40% (or more) off EVERYTHING!
By Aharon Rabinowitz
Published on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

EDIT: THE SALE HAS BEEN EXTENDED BY 3 HOURS. It now ends on Wednesday, August 21 – 11:00 AM PDT

Hi folks! Today is Red Giant’s biggest sale ever! 40% off (or more) on EVERYTHING at the Red Giant store! That’s 40% off full products, upgrades and even academic prices.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use the coupon code “summer40”  (no quotes) in the shopping cart cart.

But it gets even better. Thanks to our new “Make Your Own Bundle” option, the more you add to your cart, the more you’ll save!

Here’s how it works for today only: Start with 40% off everything – then increase your discount by adding more than 1 item to your cart. Every item you add (up to 4 items) gives you an additional 5% off.  If you add 4 items to your cart (even full suites), you’ve earned 20% off the sale price. That brings you to 52% off!

Sale Begins: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 – 8:00 AM PDT

Sale Ends: Wednesday, August 21 – 8:00 11:00 AM PDT

All of our products come with our Red Pledge Guarantee of no hassles  – just happiness. That includes a 30-day money back guarantee, 2-computer license, free support and much more.

As always, if you have any problem during the sale, our support team is here for you.


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