Digital Anarchy Acquisition FAQ

General (updated 2/18/09)


Q: Which Digital Anarchy products did Red Giant Software acquire?

A: Red Giant Software has purchased the following video products: 3D Assistants, Data Animator, Anarchy Toolbox, Geomancy, Psunami Water, Text Anarchy, ToonIt!, Microcosm, Color Theory, PlasmaFX, Chaos Stock and Knoll Spark Pack.


Q: Are all the products going to be available through Red Giant Software?

A: Yes, but we are changing the packaging and pricing to align with our existing product matrix.

Here is a list of the products and name changes:


3D Assistants becomes Red Giant PlaneSpace

Data Animator becomes Red Giant Datamator 1.5

Psunami Water becomes Red Giant Psunami 1.3

Resizer becomes part of Instant HD and Instant HD Advanced

Text Anarchy remains Text Anarchy and includes Geomancy and Anarchy Toolbox filters

ToonIt! 1.1 becomes Red Giant ToonIt and includes support for all platforms including Avid

Knoll Spark Pack becomes Knoll Light Factory Spark


Free Products: Microcosm, Color Theory and Plasma FX will all be released as free products in 2009. Please stay tuned.


Cross-grade Products: Existing Resizer customers may purchase a discounted cross-grade to our Advanced version. Vist: Instant HD Adv Cross-grade.


Q: Why is Red Giant Software purchasing the Digital Anarchy products?

A: Red Giant Software believes that these tools have great potential and that Digital Anarchy has built enduring products for motion graphic artist. We will attempt to expand their appeal with versions for other host platforms such as Avid and Final Cut Pro, with upgrades coming soon. We hope to continue working with Digital Anarchy in the future as we have done with Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop.


Q: How does the purchase benefit users?

A: The Digital Anarchy products will be ported to new application hosts and updated to the latest versions. Red Giant has a very customer-friendly policy for platform and host application support. When you buy a product that supports multiple hosts and multiple operating systems, you can use the software in any host or platform using one key, on any single machine. For example, with ToonIt, the software was released for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Avid, After Effects and Premiere Pro on Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista. Users can install the plug-in for any of these apps with the serial number that they purchase on a single machine.


Q: Are there synergies between Red Giant Software products and the former Digital Anarchy tools?

A: In general, the Digital Anarchy products are great motion graphic tools. You can combine Psunami, Trapcode Particular and Knoll Light Factory to create unbelievably realistic scenes in After Effects. Combining ToonIt with Instant HD Advanced allows to create stunning output that will fit in any project, whether it's SD or HD. All the Digital Anarchy products are used by similar types of user—professional motion graphic artists producing working broadcast, post production, and film projects. These same type of users rely on Trapcode, Magic Bullet and Knoll tools, so there is good fit across the board.


About Digital Anarchy Tools


Q: What are the current version numbers for the acquired products?

A: These are current version number from the Digital Anarchy versions:

PlaneSpace 1.3 for After Effects 6.5 and later

Psunami 1.3 for After Effects 6.5 and later, Final Cut Pro 5.1.4 and later, Motion 3.0 and later

Text Anarchy 2.3 for After Effects 6.5 and later

ToonIt 1.1 for After Effects 6.5 and later, Final Cut Pro 5.1.4 and later, Motion 3.0 and later, Premiere Pro 2.0 +higher, Avid AVX 1.5/2 systems


We are replacing the render engine in Datamator and making it Intel Mac compatible. Red Giant Software will release Datamator 1.5 for After Effects 6.5 and later.


Q: What is the current pricing of the Red Giant Software products acquired from Digital Anarchy?

A: Here is the product pricing:

Datamator 1.5 is $99

PlaneSpace 1.3 is $199

Psunami 1.3 is $199

Text Anarchy 2.3 is $199 (including Geomancy and Anarchy Toolbox)

ToonIt 1.1 is $399

Instant HD (including Resizer) is $99


Q: When will the new Red Giant Software versions of the plug-ins be available for sale?

A: Please check back to our product pages. ToonIt and Psunami will be released first. We will then release Text Anarchy, and PlaneSpace. These products are currently shipping. We have included Resizer in Instant HD. PlaneSpace should be released by the second week of October. Knoll Light Factory Spark and Datamator will be released in late October. Microcosm, Color Theory and Plasma FX will all be released as free products in Fall 2008.


Q: Where can I find examples of the Digital Anarchy plug-ins?

A: Please visit Digital Anarchy and follow the links for Gallery and Tutorial examples for the previous products. We are working on new tutorials and examples that will be incorporated into Red Giant Software's website. Check back for getting started videos and preset galleries in Fall 2008.




Q: How will existing Digital Anarchy users get technical support?

A: Current and new users will receive email support directly from Red Giant Software. In addition, Red Giant Software will monitor and answer a new forum on Users can visit our web site to open a support case and receive support for their current versions as well versions that carry the new Red Giant names. Visit: Support


Q: Are there user guides for updated versions of the Red Giant products acquired from Digital Anarchy?

A: All products have user guides that are available with each product installer on the Trial page. Visit: Trial Downloads User can also visit the Documentation page that contains the manuals for all products.


Q: How do I authorize the new Red Giant Software products?

A: The Red Giant Software version of the acquired products requires a Serial Number for authorization. The serial numbers are in the same format as other Red Giant Software products. We will not be providing old serial numbers using the Digital Anarchy format. Users will purchase the products through our store and receive an email with a serial number to authorize the product. Visit: Store


Q: Can current licensed users of Digital Anarchy products get new serial numbers for multi-host support?

Beginning in late-August, existing customers may exchange their existing serial numbers for Red Giant numbers that may be used on all hosts. Check on the support home page for links and information. Visit: Support


Pricing and Availability


Q: Can I still buy Digital Anarchy products from current resellers?

A: No. Red Giant Software is planning to revamp the reseller network for the newly acquired products and offer select resellers the ability to buy through Red Giant Software's discount schedule. By the end of the year, all resellers will be contacted so that they can sell Red Giant Software products.


Q: What bundles will be available from Red Giant Software for the new products?

A: Initially, the products will only be available as individual downloads. The products will be added to the Red Giant Mega Bundle which includes nearly all Red Giant Software products. Please see the Product Bundle Store pages for more information. Visit: Store


What’s Next?


Q: Are you planning on updates for the newly acquired products?

A: Updated versions of Text Anarchy with support for other hosts such as FX Plug will be coming in Fall 2008. We are evaluating the potential for other products and will announce other updates in the future.


Q: Will there be an upgrade or cross-grade for current users that want to use the Digital Anarchy products in the new host applications?

A: Stay tuned. We generally only charge for major releases. Pricing will be set upon availability of the next major version of the products.



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