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At Red Giant, we make tools for filmmakers and motion graphics artists. We also make films and training materials to enrich the community. For our own award-winning short films, we create new software to fill our needs. Then we make those products available for everyone else.


Shooters have different needs than editors, and motion graphics artists have different needs from shooters. But you all have one thing in common - you need suites of tools in which every product is useful, valuable and meaningful to your daily workflow.


Red Giant has introduced new products and Suites to make it easier and more affordable for you to get the right tools. All products have been grouped by user types — filmmakers, motion graphics and visual effects artists — and thoughtfully designed and paired together to solve real problems.



What happened to Magic Bullet Suite? 



Our Magic Bullet Suite has been reorganized into the new Shooter Suite and Color Suite, and our new BulletProof application has been released. Shooter Suite includes BulletProof, PluralEyes, and other tools for footage prep and delivery. Color Suite 11 has six essential tools for color grading and color effects.

Click here to read more about why we made these changes


The color grading products that were in Magic Bullet Suite now make up the new Color Suite. We moved the other Magic Bullet products, Instant HD and Frames, over to the Shooter Suite where they will be joined by BulletProof and PluralEyes. Your Magic Bullet Suite serial number (or the individual product serial numbers) will still work on those two products within Shooter Suite.

Click here for the Color Suite FAQ

Click here for the Shooter Suite FAQ


If you already own Magic Bullet Suite, or individual Magic Bullet products, then you have a lot of great upgrade options! This Upgrade page has all the details so you can find the right deal. NOTE: Color Suite 11 is free for Magic Bullet Suite 11 owners.



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