Red Giant Announces BulletProof at NAB 2013

A Complete Offload, Prep and Delivery Application for Filmmakers;
BulletProof Bridges the Gap Between the Camera and the Editor

Portland, OR (April 8, 2013) – Red Giant today announced BulletProof at NAB 2013 in
Las Vegas, NV. BulletProof is a complete offload, prep and delivery solution for footage that
simplifies the tedious tasks facing filmmakers on set every day. Bridging the gap between
camera and editor, BulletProof combines all backup, organization, color and delivery tasks
while handling footage from multiple cameras and media cards. Whether shooting with a Canon
DSLR, Nikon DSLR or GoPro sports cam, filmmakers, videographers and data wranglers can
now quickly and easily transform their capture into edit-ready footage.

BulletProof eliminates the need for risky, tedious processes of manually copying media cards to
hard drives by including a reliable, checksum-verified process for backing up valuable footage.
BulletProof specializes in DSLR and sports cam workflows, and is the first affordable prep
software that provides professional color controls.

BulletProof was designed by the team at Red Giant, including Co-founder, Sean Safreed; Sandy
Alves, UX Designer (formerly a designer on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom) and renowned
filmmaker, director, and VFX artist, Stu Maschwitz.

"My product designs emerge from my own needs as a filmmaker. Every time I return from a
shoot, I'm faced with the same dilemma: how to manage all my footage. And I face the same
burning questions: Will my shots look as good on the screen as they did in my viewfinder? Will
it cut? How do I get it to my editor looking the way I want," added Stu Maschwitz. "BulletProof
allows me to back up safely as I shoot, check my shots and start the color correction process
right there on the set, and then communicate important information to my editor--all without
taking my cinematography hat off. BulletProof is easy enough for a distracted director - like me -
to use on set, but powerful enough for a dedicated DIT."

"At SNL, we often have less than 48 hours to produce an entire spot so we're always looking for
ways to speed up our workflow,” said Alex Buono, Director of Photography - Saturday Night

Live Film Unit. “Red Giant's new BulletProof software, which combines so many processes into
one elegant solution, is the workflow tool we've been dreaming of."

Vince Laforet, award-winning director and filmmaker, added “If had BulletProof on my last
project, I would’ve saved two days of my life!”

The BulletProof Workflow
The BulletProof workflow is presented in a series of five views, arranged in a left-to-right flow
that mirrors what filmmakers do on set every day. Moving between views is interactive and
fun with a sliding interface and finger swipe support. Everything about the UI is designed to be
intuitive; use Import once and you’ll already know how to use Export. Filmmakers can even
choose between a friendly Conversation mode and an “engineer-friendly” Layout mode.

Import: Offloading clips from media cards and drives is quick and safe in Import.
BulletProof doesn’t alter data while copying and backing up, so the integrity of your
footage is always maintained.

Organize: Set up shots before they reach the editing platform. In Organize, you can
see thumbnails of the entire story, and check if the clips match the creative vision.
Filmmakers organize their footage in a way that makes sense to them, using folders
playlists, andmetadata like keywords and star ratings.

Review: Review gives filmmakers the power to check quality and story. Examine and
scrub individual clips, and set In/Out points and markers as you narrow down the shots.
Review mode ensures footage from different cameras will ultimately match. Filmmakers
can set up a rough cut and get a feel for the edit—before sending it to the editor.

Refine: Jumpstart the color grade with a first pass of color. Refine provides professional
color tools like Colorista color wheels and LUTs that let you unify and fix colors on the
spot to avoid reshoots later. All color and metadata are applied non-destructively, so
original clips are always safe and untouched.

Export: The Export view is designed for fast delivery of masters, proxies and dailies,
without the usual tedium of transcoding. Options like Burn In, Frame Rate and
Resolution make it simple to export in a single time-saving pass.

A list of camera and codec/format support for BulletProof v1.0 is available here LINK.
Additional camera support will be added as free updates for BulletProof customers, and will be
announced as they are released.

Pricing and Availability

BulletProof will be released as a free public beta in the Spring of 2013. The final v1.0 of
BulletProof will be available this summer and will be priced at $199.00 USD.

BulletProof v1.0 will be available for Mac OS first. A Windows version will be shown at NAB
in development and will follow the Mac OS release.

To sign up for the free beta, please visit LINK. For more information on BulletProof, please visit

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