BulletProof 1.2

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Backup and review of your footage, on set.

Red Giant BulletProof is a standalone application for easy backup and review of your footage, on set. BulletProof pulls files from your camera card in the field, giving you peace of mind that your footage is protected. BulletProof also makes it easy to playback, review, and tag your shots, and offers many export format and codec options for final delivery of your footage.

What's New

  • AVCHD support (e.g., for Panasonic GH3 and more)
  • MFX support - for Canon XF series cameras (e.g., C300 and more)
  • Add Mode - A file reference mode that makes one less copy in the process, speeding things up.
  • PluralEyes integration.
  • FREE Update for existing users.


Reasons To Buy

Offload & Backup
Pull Files from your camera card in the field and get peace of mind.

  • VERIFY: Every file is compared to the original to ensure an exact duplicate.
  • PROTECT: Backup many copies to multiple destinations & drives
  • DELIVER: Export footage in several formats for editing and/or client review


Review footage on location to verify what you got.


  • RATE: Mark your favorite shots with color coding, stars and more
  • MARK: Add in and out points and Markers to your shots
  • DETAIL: Add shot notes, keywords and metadata that will come into your editor
  • COLOR: Preview your clip with color correction using LUTs, color wheels and more

The other half of your camera

BulletProof is the missing link between your camera and editor, with a workflow that’s an exact match for what filmmakers do every day. BulletProof makes it a snap to offload the day’s footage, back it up, organize it, review its quality, and deliver to the editor.

We didn’t name it BulletProof for nothing

BulletProof gives you rock-solid insurance against data loss. We’ve made it simple and foolproof to back up to multiple destinations and validate your precious data, bit for bit. That way, you can confidently erase the card and move on, satisfied that your footage is safe and secure.

BulletProof makes you a hero

BulletProof lets you make lightning quick decisions on set. By reviewing and adjusting footage on the fly, you’ll know when to keep shooting and when to move on.

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