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The other half of your camera

You’ve got a great camera, you’ve got a great editor — how do you manage everything between them? BulletProof is a complete footage prep solution that bridges the gap, with a workflow that simplifies how you handle footage every day. Offload, backup, organize, review, color, deliver: BulletProof has your back at every step. Review footage on the fly, make a first color pass, safely back up those clips — BulletProof hands you the perfect edit-ready shots. You run on passion, and you run all day. Whether you shoot with DSLR or a GoPro, BulletProof lets you focus on your story and get to the editor fast.

What's New

  • BULLETPROOF FOR WINDOWS NOW AVAILABLE! We are pleased to announce the release of BulletProof for Windows after much hard work and beta testing.
  • FREE Mac UPDATE! BulletProof 1.1 adds improved support for Final Cut Pro X 10.1.
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Reasons To Buy

  • One solution does it all. From offload to prep to delivery, BulletProof handles your no-nonsense footage prep, freeing you from mundane tasks so your creativity flies.
  • BulletProof has your back. Your footage is validated and backed up to multiple destinations; go ahead and erase that data card without breaking a sweat.
  • Be a hero on set. BulletProof lets you review, color and adjust footage on the fly, so you can quickly move on once you’ve got the right shot.
  • Make your editor happy. Whether you’re shooting with cameras from Canon, Nikon or GoPro, you’ll stay organized without worrying about file formats and codecs, and easily deliver masters, proxies and dailies, including all of your BulletProof metadata.
  • We use BulletProof too. Developed by a software company (that’s us!) with filmmaking in its soul, BulletProof solves a need that we found while making our award-winning short films.

Meet the missing half of your camera

BulletProof is the missing link between your camera and editor, with a workflow that’s an exact match for what filmmakers do every day. BulletProof makes it a snap to offload the day’s footage, back it up, organize it, review its quality, and deliver to the editor. Whether you're offloading from Canon, Nikon or GoPro cameras, you don’t need to do it all manually anymore. With BulletProof, one single solution takes care of everything.

We didn’t name it BulletProof for nothing

BulletProof gives you rock-solid insurance against data loss. We’ve made it simple and foolproof to back up to multiple destinations and validate your precious data bit for bit. That way, you can confidently erase the card and move on, satisfied that your footage is safe and secure. With key features like playlist organization, non-destructive metadata and easy archiving, BulletProof has your back while you’re busy telling your story.

BulletProof makes you a hero

BulletProof lets you make lightning quick decisions on set. By reviewing and adjusting footage on the fly, you’ll know when to keep shooting and when to move on. And BulletProof lets you be creative, freeing you from format and codec decisions, while making it simple to deliver edit-ready footage. At the end of the day, you’ve got your shots, everything’s backed up and you’re ahead of schedule. With BulletProof, your footage looks good—and so do you.

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