BulletProof 1.1

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System Requirements

Supported cameras and codecs


Our initial release of BulletProof supports Canon DSLRs, Nikon DSLRs and GoPro cameras. We chose these cameras because they represent the needs of a broad market, which includes indie filmmakers and small productions. Bulletproof recognizes footage from these cameras and codecs; we recommend using a card reader for the offload process.



Supported cameras:


  • T2i/550D
  • T3/1100D
  • T3i/600D
  • T4i/650D
  • 60D/a
  • 7D
  • 5D II
  • 6D
  • 5D III
  • 1D IV
  • 1D X


  • D3100
  • D3200
  • D5100
  • D5200
  • D7000
  • D7100
  • D600
  • D800
  • D4




  • D4
  • HD Hero 2
  • Hero 3 White
  • Hero 3 Silver
  • Hero 3 Black




Supported codecs:

H.264 (.mov) variable bit rate 24Mbit (Nikon)  
H.264 (.mov) variable bit rate 40-45Mbit (Canon)  
H.264 (.mov) iframes - All-I mode 90Mbit (Canon)  
H.264 (.mp4) variable bit rate 35 Mbit(GoPro)  
Apple ProRes

ProRes 4444 (10bit/12bit)

ProResHQ 422 (10bit)

ProRes 422 (8bit/10bit)

ProResLT 422 (10bit)

ProResProxy 422 (10bit)
variable bit rate   4k, 2k, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, NTSC-DV, NTSC-SD 
Apple ProRes* ProRes 4444 (10bit/12bit) variable bit rate 330 Mbit @ 1080p
  ProResHQ 422 (10bit) VBR/iframe 220 Mbit @ 1080p
  ProRes 422 (8bit/10bit) VBR/iframe 147 Mbit@1080p
  ProResLT 422 (10bit) VBR/iframe 100 Mbit@1080i
  ProResProxy 422 (10bit) VBR/iframe 36 Mbit@1080p
PhotoJPEG (Mac)      
H.264 MPEG-4 AVC   variable


*NOTE: If you don’t have a version Final Cut Pro installed on your computer, you will not see the ProRes codecs



Future support for cameras & codecs

Our current plans for BulletProof includes adding additional support for cameras, codecs and platforms. The next few rounds of updates planned will be FREE and will focus on adding the most requested cameras and codec types as well as new features. We've heard many requests for the codecs MFX and AVCHD and we're taking them into consideration. Let us know what you'd like to see supported in future release on our BulletProof forum. Below are the cameras and codecs that are currently supported.


Apple Macintosh

10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

10.7.2 and later (Lion)

10.8 and later (Mountain Lion)


Mac Intel system

4GB of RAM

PC / Windows

Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit

Windows 8 32-bit/64-bit

Video Cards

Most Nvidia and Radeon cards are compatible with BulletProof. 512MB is required when working in high definition resolutions. If you have two monitors and are working in HD resolution, the video card should have at least 1GB of VRAM for the smoothest playback and export speeds.


NOTE: Cards with 256 MB of VRAM or less will have playback issues with HD footage and are not supported. We also know there are issues with the ATI Radeon X1900; this card is not supported.

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