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Colorista II
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Bring the power of high-end color correction to your desktop

Colorista II brings gorgeous color grading to your favorite editors, and moves between them with consistent, natural-looking results. Its three stages of correction — Primary, Secondary, Master — use a color engine that's similar to big-budget systems. Colorista has 3-Way Wheels for true Lift/Gamma/Gain; an incredible Keyer for precision editing; real-time preview; and Power Masks for perfect finishing. The interface is easy to use, and equally good for quick deadlines or finessing your footage without limitations. Whether you are a color expert or an aspiring colorist, Colorista II gives you high quality grading at an entry-level price.

What's New

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  • 33% price drop! Colorista is now only $199 (previously $299). Save $100.
  • Now part of Color Suite. Colorista II is available in Red Giant Color Suite, our new set of essential tools for color correction, finishing & looks. Learn more
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  • Powerful, easy Keyer. Precisely adjust individual colors or color ranges with the easiest and most powerful Keyer you've ever seen.
  • HSL and Highlights. Now eight HSL channels get your crucial colors just right, while Highlight Recovery rebuilds blown-out highlight detail.

Reasons To Buy

  • Consistent between apps. Use Colorista in all your favorite host applications, and accurately move color-corrected footage between them.
  • Created by a colorist. For the first time, access professional color grading — designed by real colorists — without a high price or any pipeline issues.
  • Color in one pass. Use three 'stages' of correction to accomplish in a single pass what normally takes multiple layers or separate passes.
  • Easy adjustments. Get professonal tools like Curves and 3-Way Wheels for easy adjustment of shadows, midtones and highlights.
  • Auto Balance.A unique Auto Balance corrects the white point and black point, adjusting highlights and shadows while leaving the midtones intact.
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Unleash color in your favorite timeline

Colorista II is ready for action with easy-to-use tools that remove the limits and let you experiment. Free yourself from clunky stacks and multiple layers of color correction. A single instance of Colorista in your timeline has all the flexibility you need. The best part is that you stay in your favorite editing applications and move the color grading precisely between them. Let Colorista II unleash gorgeous color correction directly inside your editor – no finishing application required.
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Powerful, playful system redefines color correction

An incredible 3-Stage system redefines how you do color correction. Primary Stage is the first stop for white balance, exposure and a powerful 8-way HSL correction. Secondary Stage quickly isolates your talent to fine-tune specific tones or areas with a powerful new Keyer and Power Mask shape. Master Stage is where you finish color balance, image contrast or add finesse with a second Power Mask. Colorista II is a playful, powerful system with infinite opportunities for creative effects.
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Huge toolkit of exciting new features

Colorista II adds a significant amount of power with an arsenal of exciting new features. A dynamic Keyer gives exact control over how your shots will look. Eight HSL channels get important colors like flesh tones and blue skies looking exactly right. Use the Pop slider to boost visual sharpness or as an amazing cosmetic cleanup for skin smoothing and blemishes. Highlight Recovery, RBG Curves, improved Auto-Balance and other new tools deliver professional, precise color correction.

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