Indie Film II for Magic Bullet Looks

Indie Film II for Magic Bullet Looks
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25 Contemporay Film Looks for Your Independent Production

Sometimes a sequel is better than the original. Think: 'Empire Strikes Back', 'Revenge of Khan', 'Godfather II', and the infamous 'Breakin’ II: Electric Boogalo'. In this spirit, we offer Eric Escobar’s Indie Film II for Looks 2, an all-new set of film treatments using the evocative color tools in Magic Bullet Looks 2. Inspired by the recent visual trend of heavy post-processing, Indie Film II reflects both the melancholy sweetness and darker edges in independent film and television, from 'Dragon Tattoo' to 'Deadwood', and from Sundance to Cannes. Indie Film II looks give a fresh, contemporary stylization for cinematic storytelling, and Looks 2 makes this easy with professional color finishing tools built for an independent budget.


  • 25 original film looks that tell your story with a bold, edgy, modern feel
  • Takes advantage of the powerful tools in the newly released Magic Bullet Looks 2, giving you color effects that set the mood of any story
  • Includes different types of visual looks, including cinematic effects and partnered moods like Day/Night(Ex. Day/Night)



Tell Your Story

“While I hope everyone, everywhere will find these Looks useful, my aim is to give filmmakers a boost to their storytelling. Simply put, tone of story is how something is being said, rather than what is being said. Like someone’s tone of voice. How something or someone is photographed (framing & composition), and then color corrected, will go a long way to establishing the tone of the story.


Tone is tone. Tone of voice, story tone and color tone are all related. There are some colors that are interpreted as malevolent or sinister, and some that are interpreted as benign or helpful, just like there are sound design, music and ways of writing that help communicate tone to an audience. Tone sets mood. Indie Film II is all about helping you do that.”    -- Eric Escobar

About the Artist

Eric Escobar is a San Francisco-based digital filmmaker whose films have screened in the US and internationally. In 2005 his short film, One Weekend A Month, won an honorable mention in short filmmaking at the Sundance Film Festival. In addition to making films, Eric has worked in filmmaking software development at Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems. Eric currently works in a directors' collective called Kontent Films, where he directs commercials and his own original work, helps develop tools for filmmakers, and blogs extensively.

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