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Instant HD
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Uprez and convert DV video into HD format

Red Giant Instant HD quickly up-converts your SD or DV video into a variety of High Definition formats with outstanding results. Its intelligent algorithms generate new pixels to resample and uprez your footage, then add sharpening and anti-aliasing to preserve the image details. A list of preset resolutions makes it a snap to convert and integrate DV video into your next HD production. Instant HD produces sharp, clear video in popular editors like After Effects, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

What's New

  • Stay up-to-date. Instant HD supports the latest host applications, like Adobe Creative Cloud and After Effects CS6. Read compatibility
  • Interlaced or progressive. Instant HD 1.2 added support for interlaced-to-interlaced scaling, along with its support for progressive (non-interlaced) video. See updates
  • Two for one! Now includes Resizer 2.2 (formerly Digital Anarchy Resizer), a $149 value.

Reasons To Buy

  • Use with Frames. Use Instant HD with Red Giant Frames to deliver professional "film look" HD masters.
  • Flexible footage. Up-convert web cam and cell phone clips to Standard Definition video. Conform SD motion graphics to High Definition broadcast. 
  • Improved performance. New 64-bit compatibility gives significant performance gains. Speed and quality — what more can you ask for?

Simple, speedy controls

The controls in Instant HD are as simple and speedy as its name. You specify Output Size, Filter Type, Sharpness, Quality and Antialiasing settings, then preview your results in seconds. Integrated sharpening and anti-aliasing reduce the "fuzziness" and jagged lines that are often a tell-tale sign of up-conversion.

Resolution presets make it simple

Choose from over 40 presets to output the most popular screen sizes, or enter a custom size for any width and height you’d like. Instant HD will automatically choose the most effective scaling option for your selected resolution, using a Lock Aspect Ratio to avoid image distortion or unnatural stretching.

Two powerhouse tools

Along with the Instant HD plug-in, you get a second powerful tool. ReSizer has different but equally fast algorithms, and offers additional controls like built-in Deinterlace, Percentage Value scaling, and Aspect Ratio presets. Take your pick — they’re both great!

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