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01 - The Satin Dollz in "Whatever Lola Wants"

By: Dan Blank


Here is some "making of" footage:


Products used: Primatte Keyer, Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista, Particular, Lux, Shine, Key Correct.

Notes: Filmed in Hollywoodland, California in glorious 7-D. Produced for less than $2000 on a DSLR. For more information on The Satin Dollz, visit satindollz.com. For more from Dan Blank, visit danmation.com.


Film Noir Traffic

This Film Noir-inspired shot uses a lot of our products! Red Giant Text Anarchy creates the traffic patterns in the background, PlaneSpace tiles the traffic pattern over and over again, and Key Correct Pro Light Wrap aids in compositing the actor over the glowing background. Magic Bullet Looks helps the composite by bringing all of the colors together. (from RGTV Ep. 10)


Tiny Inventions: Something Left, Something Taken

By Tiny Inventions

An animated dark comedy about a vacationing couple's encounter with a man they believe to be the Zodiac Killer.  Based on a true story. Direction/Animation/Design/Writing:  Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata - For an extensive making-of visit:  tinyinventions.com/blog/?p=317

iPod/iPad friendly version on Vimeo.


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