Magic Bullet Colorista Free 1.0.2

Magic Bullet Colorista Free
Free: This software is unrestricted and fully functional.
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Industry-standard color correction for all

Set your colors free. Magic Bullet Colorista Free is a simplified, elegant color corrector that anyone can share and use. You get exactly what you need with basic controls designed by experienced colorists, like the 3-Way wheels from our popular Colorista II and numeric sliders for precise numerical accuracy. For high-level work, Colorista Free is workflow-ready to share Color Decision List (CDL) values with CDL-compliant host apps and conform your color work to industry standards.

We hope this free tool will also enable the filmmaking industry to communicate color decisions easily and fluidly. It’s a colorful vocabulary for everyone.

For more information, check out our product FAQ.

For full-featured color correction, learn about Colorista II.

System Requirements

    Colorista Free works with:

  • Adobe After Effects CC, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS5
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 6, 7