Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 2.0

Magic Bullet PhotoLooks
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Beautiful color effects inspired by your camera

Whether you’re warming up a portrait or adding cool practical lighting, Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 2 will change the way you approach color in photography. It starts out very simple, with new color treatments that instantly set the emotion of your photo. Over 100 beautiful presets are inspired by real commercial projects, from timeless wedding vignettes to popular cinematic looks. Dive deeper by exploring the new PhotoLooks tools and their powerful way of using color, which is based on how light interacts with your camera. With PhotoLooks, every photo is worth a thousand looks.

What's New

We’ve rolled our popular Photoshop tool into Magic Bullet Looks, so you get another supported host application at the same price. Now you get color grading for Photoshop and video applications, all in one package! Learn about Magic Bullet Looks 

Reasons To Buy

  • Capture the emotion. Looks for Photoshop captures and intensifies the mood of your photo, whether it’s warming up or cooling down an image, or adding a popular film look.'
  • Work where you want. Create incredible colors in the standalone app, plus all your favorite photo editing apps like Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4 and Aperture 3.3.
  • Power and simplicity. Looks for Photoshop packs a ton of image processing power into a highly visual, easy-to-use experience.
  • Save time and money. Ships with 100+ stylized treatments for portraits, weddings, nature and event photography, ranging from soft lighting to Hollywood drama. 

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