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The look of a Hollywood blockbuster in seconds

Now you have one of Hollywood’s best tricks up your own sleeve. Mojo quickly delivers the subtle coloring effect often found in blockbuster movies, warming up actors’ skin tones while adding a cool blue to backgrounds and shadows. The trick is to keep your talent in focus beneath the color treatment, and Mojo does this with simple sliders that add drama and smooth contrast to any shot. Warm It. Bleach it. Punch It. Mojo makes your footage pop in seconds.

What's New

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  • Now part of Color Suite. Mojo is available in Red Giant Color Suite, our new set of essential tools for color correction, finishing & looks. Learn more
  • New host apps! Recent updates add compatibility for Creative Cloud, Creative Suite CS6, Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. Get the update

Reasons To Buy

  • Stays up-to-date. Instant HD supports the latest host applications, like Adobe Creative Cloud and After Effects CS6. Read compatibility
  • Be an action hero. Provides a simple, fun way to make your video look like an action movie.
  • Warm or cool. Sweeten your footage with warm reddish tones. Make your talent pop from the shadows with cool blues.
  • Use with other tools. Works seamlessly with primary color grading tools like Colorista II and Looks 2.

How much Mojo can you handle?

The main Mojo slider cools shadows and warms highlights at the same time. A hint of Mojo might make your talent stand out against the background more, while maximum Mojo yields an aggressive, action-movie punch. Think explosives, bone-crushing robots, and high-stakes heists. Whichever you choose, Mojo’s got your back.

Get hot or cool with simple sliders

Since it’s designed to do one thing well, we’ve kept the UI simple, with just a few controls. Shadow Tint defines the complementary shadow color that makes your talent stand out, from an emerald green to a royal blue. The Warm-Cool slider lets you control overall color temperature, and Bleach allows you to desaturate or super-saturate every color in the scene.

Give me some skin

The three Skin controls let you fine-tune skin tones within the overall Mojo effect. Skin Color nudges the skin tones of actors of any race, eliminating unwanted color casts. Skin Squeeze flattens the range of skin tones, making subjects stand out against the background and minimizing ruddiness. Skin Solo desaturates all colors in the scene except skin tones, bringing talent front and center.

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