Don’t just take a photo. Tell a story. Noir lets you transform your photos with beautiful, dramatic lighting and instant results. Peel away the color to a cinematic black-and-white, apply a lovely tint, and then light up your subject. Touch and pinch the brightness Vignette and spin the Contrast and Exposure dials for white hot thrills and shadow-rich drama.


You tell a story in your photos with the glowing smile on your daughter’s face, or a moody skyline under radiant street lamps. Focus on the part that you love, massage your Noir settings, and come up with something amazingly cool in a few seconds. Use Noir to create bad-ass black, white & light in a color world.


What's New in v1.1


  • New Full screen editing (tap the upper right corner of the control panel)
  • Higher resolution editing
  • Photo metadata is preserved on save


Main Features


  • Universal app: Your purchase enables iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Gen 3 and Gen 4 iPod Touch, iPad, and iOS 4.2 and higher.
  • iPhone 4 resolution: Render has been developed to support 5 Megapixel output on iPhone 4. Support for high resolution 2592x2592 maximum output.
  • iPad resolution: Render has been developed to support 4 Megapixel output on iPad. Support for high resolution 2048x2048 maximum output.



Tell a story in black, white & light

Tell a story in gorgeous black, white & light Noir is a fun and easy way to create images that tell a story -- with instant, beautiful results. Use Noir to replace the color in your photo with a rich, cinematic black-and-white. A touchable, customizable Vignette lets you re-light the photo to show what's important and shade out the rest. Apply a sepia, silver, blue-gray or chartreuse tint to further set the mood; choose from six presets to get started quickly.

Noir is designed for play

Noir is designed for play Noir's fun dials and buttons are modeled after analog spaceship dials, hi-fi fader controls and vintage stereo knobs. Touch and pinch the Vignette to quickly highlight and light up the part of your photo that you care about. Use Contrast, Outer Exposure and Inner Exposure dials to massage the darks and lights around the Vignette. Noir's preview area is huge and the controls are minimal so you play fast and never have to open a second panel. It's finger candy for the artist in you.

Results keep pace with imagination

Instant results keep pace with your imagination Battle tested by artists, filmmakers and the geek dad next door, Noir gets your creative ideas out fast. Tell a compelling story with your photos for the design presentation that starts in 10 minutes or the photo slideshow at tomorrow's family reunion. Even if you are using low quality images, our specially-built controls protect important details and fight digital artifacts. Every image you create in Noir will be gorgeous and playful, and shows your wife, daughter or super model at her very best.

" After just one use I know this will quickly become a fave. "

by LeonShotMe
The results are pretty stunning and look to be able to transform boring everyday shots into moody movie masterpieces.
Matthew Panzarino
Noir itself as a great application for black and white treatments, offering a large degree of control and faultless ergonomics.
Yann Lebecque
I've already fallen in love with Noir - a universal app for giving your photos a cinematic look by converting the image to black and white or a tinted monochrome.
Chris White



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