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Audio/Video sync in seconds

PluralEyes 3 syncs audio and multi-camera video automatically, preparing your sync in seconds rather than days. This standalone application works directly with Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Media Composer and Vegas Pro, and can easily export media files for use with other NLEs.

NEW! PluralEyes 3.5 Public Beta:
PluralEyes is about to get even better with support for more formats, speed improvements, more accurate sync and other highly-requested enhancements. But we need your help! Join the FREE Beta now!

What's New

  • Now with Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Support on Mac.
  • FREE for PluralEyes 3.1/3.2/3.3 or Shooter Suite owners, or get it now for only $199.
  • Now part of Shooter Suite. PluralEyes 3 is available in Red Giant Shooter Suite, our new set of products for footage prep and delivery. Learn more
  • Do you own PluralEyes? If you already own PluralEyes 3 or PluralEyes 2, you get a discounted upgrade to Shooter Suite or Color Suite. Upgrade details
  • Works with your favorite cameras. PluralEyes supports a wide variety of cameras and the most popular video formats, including MOV, AVI and MP4.


Reasons To Buy

  • Go from tedious to lightning-fast. PluralEyes 3 is up to 20x quicker than PluralEyes 2, and hundreds of times faster than synchronizing the old-fashioned way. Learn to love visual storytelling again.
  • Get the sync in one place. We created a standalone PluralEyes 3 application so you can sync audio/video clips before going to your editor.
  • Export to the NLEs you need. PluralEyes exports your synced timeline directly to Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Media Composer or Vegas Pro, and exports media files for use in every editing platform.
  • Do more as you do less. A new timeline with visual feedback gives you confidence as you watch the sync happen, and touchup tools let you adjust the sync on-the-fly.
  • “Do It For Me” workflow. Let PluralEyes do the heavy lifting, when you add a group of clips as ‘Takes,’ and let PluralEyes decide their relationship while it’s syncing.

Sync that’s faster than a cup of coffee

Filmmakers and editors can lug the expensive, complicated gear of time code, a DSLR mic adaptor or a circa-1950s clapper—and then slog through synchronization manually. Or they can open PluralEyes, hit SYNC, and walk away. PluralEyes 3 is up to 20x faster than PluralEyes 2 and hundreds of times faster than the manual slog. Now you can create an audio/video sync in seconds, before that cup of coffee is even brewed.

Retrofitted to beautiful brilliance

PluralEyes 2 was a black box, simple but indispensable. PluralEyes 3 took all those brains and made it beautiful—and up to twenty times faster. With an interactive timeline, intuitive quality control, and playback/display options, our entirely new interface is easier to use, with visual feedback to move you confidently into post-sync creative editing. It’s the ultimate ‘fix it in post’ tool.

Freedom to focus on your film

PluralEyes 3 supports all kinds of work environments, from working with native pro workflows to exporting the sync for use in any editing platform. Thanks to newly integrated DualEyes features, PluralEyes now works in a dedicated, standalone interface. This lets you set up faster and get solid footage with less gear and hassle, and enjoy using camera configurations that weren’t possible before. Remove the biggest barrier to focusing on your film: synchronization.



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