With the release of Magic Bullet Suite 12.0.3, Magic Bullet PhotoLooks has been discontinued and will no longer be an install option within the Magic Bullet Suite installer. For customers who would like to install PhotoLooks, please download the Magic Bullet Suite 12.0.1 installer which can be found here.

The render engine in Magic Bullet Looks 3.0 was updated to run on the GPU to provide faster playback and rendering. This process works well for footage up to 4k resolution but does not scale to the potential size used for still photography. Our engine no longer supports CPU rendering which was the main rendering method used in PhotoLooks. Our goal at Red Giant is to always offer unique products that are the best of breed in their respective category and provide real value to our customers.  If any of our products do not meet this criteria, we either add new features or consider discontinuing them. PhotoLooks no longer meets our criteria and will be discontinued from our product catalog.  We are committed to providing unique color correction applications for video editors and compositors and will continue to expand our product offering for our supported NLE applications.



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Date Modified: 2015-06-10 23:39:04


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