• I have an old Trapcode or Digital Anarchy serial number. Can I exchange this for a new serial number that will work with the latest product version?
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What happens if your serial number is not accepted, or does not correlate or fit into the required serial number fields? This may happen for the following products: Trapcode Particular, Lux, Echospace, Sound Keys, Shine, Starglow, and 3D Stroke; along with the former Digital Anarchy products Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop, PlaneSpace (3D Assistants Pro), Psunami, Text Anarchy, Datamator and ToonIt.

Many of these products have been switched to a serial number format that is consistent with other Red Giant Software products. These products are available for a free serial number exchange: Trapcode Particular, Lux, Echospace, Sound Keys, Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop, PlaneSpace (3D Assistants Pro), Psunami, Text Anarchy, Datamator and ToonIt.

If you own one of these products but have an old serial number from purchase through Trapcode.com or Digitalanarchy.com, you can use the serial number exchange form to get a new key and use our current installers. Simply fill out the form and a new key will be emailed to you.  Important: You may only exchange a key once.

Other products have been newly released as an upgrade (using the current serial number format), and you may have a pre-upgrade serial number. The serial numbers for Shine, Starglow and 3D Stroke were switched with upgrades to Shine 1.5, Starglow 1.5, and 3D Stroke 2.5. If you own Shine 1.0, Starglow 1.0 or 3D Stroke 2.0, these older serial numbers are not available for exchange because of the upgrades that are available.



If you are doing a serial number conversion:

Our new serial number format follows this scheme:  AAAA-####-####-####-####.  If you already have a serial number that follows this scheme then serial number conversion is not required.


It is not uncommon for your converted serial number email to be classified as junk mail by your internet provider. To prevent this message from being forwarded to your Junk folder, please add serialnumbersupport[at]redgiantsoftware.com to your Safe Recipients list.


After completing the conversion form, please download the product installers using the links provided below, which follow the current Red Giant 20-digit license scheme.

Legacy Product Downloads: Trapcode Particular 1.5.1 and ToonIt v1.1 (non-Digital Anarchy version).

Current Product Downloads
: Trapcode Lux, Trapcode Echospace, Trapcode Sound Keys, Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop, PlaneSpace, Psunami, Datamator and Text Anarchy.


Visit: Serial Number Conversion.



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