• The "Done" button does not activate (ungray) when registering or my serial number is not accepted.
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If the “Done” button does not activate after entering your serial number, please try these troubleshooting steps. In order to complete some of these steps, the product must be installed as a demo.



  1. Make sure that you have downloaded the correct product and product version.

    • Product serial numbers are not interchangeable.
      • Example: Magic Bullet Looks is often confused with Magic Bullet Quick Looks, as are Instant HD Advanced and Instant HD. Other current and legacy Red Giant Software products may have similar names.
      • Go here to check what product your serial number belongs to.
    • If you have a serial number for one product version, but downloaded a different version of that same product, this other product version will not accept your serial number.
      • Example: Shine 1.5 will not accept a Shine 1.0 serial number. Particular 2.0 will not accept a Particular 1.5 serial number, and so on for other products.
      • If this situation fits your issue, you may be in need of a paid product upgrade. Please go here to view your upgrade eligibility. Please go here to shop by product upgrades.
  2. Be sure your serial number is input exactly as shown when it was given to you.
    • Enter the correct characters in the correct order without any mistakes.
    • The letters (if any) must be capitalized, not lowercase.
    • If you are copying and pasting the characters into the fields, try typing them out or vice versa.


  1. Are you installing more than one product at a time or do you still have another product installer open?
    • Running more than one installer at the same time or not closing out of a previous product installer after it is done installing will cause serial numbers to not be accepted.
    • Close out of all open installers and then run your product installers one at a time.
  1. Mac OSX only:  Correct permission privileges on Preferences folder.
    • Watch video (QuickTime)
    • Go here: MacHD\Library\Preferences
    • Right+Click on Preferences folder and select Get Info.
    • Open Sharing & Permissions.
    • Click padlock to unlock this menu.
    • Click on the + icon.
    • Add in any account that is not grayed out (any that are selectable).
    • Then set all of the Privilege levels to Read & Write.
    • Leave "Everyone" Name set to Read Only.
    • Click on the Gear icon next to  + & - icons.
    • Select Apply to enclosed items.

  1. If you have an old serial number from Trapcode or Digital Anarchy, you may need to convert this license to a new 20-digit Red Giant license in order to use the latest product installer.
    • This is only applicable for old serial numbers from Trapcode or Digital Anarchy.
    • You do not need to convert if you already have a Red Giant license. A Red Giant Software license is 20-digits and will follow one of the following two formats (not an actual license): AAAA-####-####-####-#### or ####-####-####-####-####.
    • Please go here for additional information on qualifying products and converting instructions.


  1. Troubleshoot your computer: Be sure you are logged in as the Administrator. Close all other programs (including virus protection). Try disconnecting your system from any network connection.


  1. Windows Vista & Windows 7 only: Please follow these installation instructions if you are having trouble installing and/or serializing: Windows Vista & Windows 7 installation help.


  1. Windows only (all versions): You may try serializing the product from the registry. Please only attempt this fix if you are comfortable doing so.
    • The serial number string is stored here within your registry:
      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Red Giant Software\[product]\[host]
    • Right+click on "serial" and select "Modify". This will open an "Edit String" window. 


    • Enter your serial number without spaces or dashes in to the "Value data" field, then click "OK" when finished.
    • If you experience the same results after editing your registry, then do this: Delete the applicable registry entries, re-install the product, and then attempt Step #8 listed below.


  1. Input your serial number into the registration menu during installation and from within the host application (if available for your product).




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