• How to install on Windows using Red Giant's Suite installers (Color, Shooter, Trapcode, Keying, Effects)
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These instructions will guide you through installation when using Color Suite, Shooter Suite, Trapcode Suite, Keying Suite and Effects Suite installers. For steps to install Universe please see this FAQ.



  1. Please be logged-in as the Administrator of your system.
  2. Close all programs before installing, this includes your host application(s) as well as any other installers.
  3. Download and then unzip the latest product installer.
  4. Run the installer application located in the newly unzipped installer package.
  5. Accept the licence agreement before clicking ‘Next’.
  6. During installation, input your 20-character product serial number(s) on the ‘Registration’ page, click Submit after entering each serial number.
    *If the ‘Submit’ button is not pressed after entering your serial, then your product(s) will not be registered.
  7. When you get to the ‘Installation Type’ screen, please make sure that you have selected at least 1 host application (i.e. Premiere Pro CC 2014) to install the plug-in into. If an option is not selected here, nothing will be installed.
    **If you are installing a standalone application such as BulletProof, PluralEyes, or Offload a host application does not need to be selected. This is only for the installation of plug-ins which require a host.
  8. Complete the rest of the installation process and close installer once installation has finished.

If you need to install an older version of our products please see the Legacy Downloads page.  


Should you encounter any errors during installation or have any questions about the installation process please open a Support Ticket, email our support team (Support@redgiant.com), or hop in our chat below.

Should you email in, please be sure to include a screenshot of any error messages you are receiving to help expedite the support process.



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