• How to install on Windows using Red Giant's Suite installers (Color, Shooter, Trapcode, Keying, Effects)
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This video uses the Magic Bullet Suite 11 installer as an example and steps will be the same for all other product suite installers except where noted.


These instructions will guide you through installation when using Color Suite, Shooter Suite, Trapcode Suite, Keying Suite and Effects Suite installers. 


  1. You may download your purchased product here.
  2. After unzipping your product download you will find the Suite product installer located in the package's root directory folder; with this single Suite installer you will be able to install any of the products from that specific product Suite (i.e. a single or multiple products).
  3. Run (double-click) the 32-bit .exe installer if you are installing into a 32-bit host application. Run the 64-bit .exe installer if you are installing into a 64-bit host application. If you're in doubt whether your host is 32-bit or 64-bit, please check your host software version before running the Red Giant installer. (Color and Shooter Suite installers require a Windows 64-bit system.)

Listed below is a description of each of the installer’s pages and this will help guide you through your installation.


This page briefly lists the operating system requirements. Check operating system and host application requirements.


Click Next to move on to the software License Agreement.


Read the software license agreement, to agree, click Yes.

(The License Agreement will appear after the Registration page in Shooter and Color Suite installers.)


Input your 20-character product serial number in the Serial # field; make sure to type in all 4 capital letters and the 16 numbers that follow. Click Submit after entering each serial number.

You will notice the word ‘Trial’ displayed next to the products that are going to be installed in trial mode, trials will either time out or receive a watermark that is a red "X" or colored dots on output.  Products that will not be installed in trial mode will display your serial number.

If you do not wish to install a product, leave the product unchecked. As displayed in the example below, products that are unchecked will not be installed. If you choose to install products in Trial, you may easily remove products later from the Windows Start Menu. If no products are checked, no products will be installed.

Once you are finished registering your products, click Next to select your host applications.


On the Installation Type page, check all of the host apps you would like to install the products into. Keep in mind that each product will only install and work in the host apps that they are compatible with. Check operating system and host application requirements.

Please note, If you do not select any host software on this page your products will not be installed. (Host app selection is not required to install PluralEyes or BulletProof.)


Once you are done making your selections, click Next to move on to the installation page.


Once you're ready to install, click Install. Now you can sit back while the installer does the rest. After installation is complete, close installer.




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