• Invalid or unathorized serial number message received during installation or in host application (Mac OS X).
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The screenshots in this FAQ dispaly Magic Bullet Looks and Psunami, however you will receive the same type of message for our other produtcs and it is the same process to correct this issue.


 The serial number you entered is invalid for this product


product Is unauthorized - please register or re-install.


After Effects error: Product Is unauthorized - please register or re-install. (512) ( 25 :: 16 )



You may receive a message during installation that states "The serial number you entered is invalid for this product" or a message from within the host application that your product "is unauthorized - please register or re-install."


This does not mean that the serial number for your product is not working, however it generally indicates a communication problem between the installer and the system while the installer is attempting to install the licensing file on your system.  To resolve this, please refer below for steps to perform on your system.



  1. Be logged in as the Administrator on system.
    • Installing while logged-in as a user and entering the Admin's password to authenticate the installer will not properly install the software.
  2. Quit host application if open.
  3. Quit all open product installers.
  4. Correct permission privileges on Preferences folder.
    • Go here: MacHD/Users/Shared/Red Giant/
    • Right+Click on Red Giant folder and select Get Info.
    • Open Sharing & Permissions.
    • Click padlock to unlock this menu.
    • Click on the + icon.
    • Add in any account that is not grayed out (any that are selectable).
    • Then set all of the Privilege levels to Read & Write.
    • Leave "Everyone" Name set to Read Only.
    • Click on the Gear icon next to  + & - icons.
    • Select Apply to enclosed items.
  5. Check for product updates
    • If you are installing from a product DVD or an old downloaded installer, then it is important to check for a later version of your software, as your installer may be out of date.
    • Check for product updates.
  6. Download the correct product and product version.
    • Serial numbers are not interchangeable between products (i.e. Magic Bullet Looks and Magic Bullet Quick Looks accept different serial numbers).
    • If you have a serial number for one product version, but downloaded a different version of that same product, this other product version will not accept your serial number. (i.e. Particular 1.5 and Particular 2 accept different serial numbers).
  7. Move installer to systemʼs local hard drive.
    • To help prevent installation issues from occurring during installation, it is recommended to move your product installer to your system's local hard drive. This applies to you if you are running the installer from a CD, DVD, USB disk, network disk or any other external disk.
  8. Only run one product installer at a time.
    • Running more than one installer at the same time or not closing out of a previous product installer after it is done installing will cause serial numbers to not be accepted.




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