• I have not received the serial number for my order. Where is it?
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Serial number(s) are sent to the email address provided at checkout and are viewable in your account within approximately 3 hours of purchase.  To ensure a safe delivery of this email message, or for directions on how to look up your serial number in your account, please follow the instructions included below.

I have not received an email containing my serial number.

  1. Serial number emails can sometimes be found in your email client's Junk Mail folder.
    • Due to the way our serial number messages are titled, it is not uncommon for them to be classified as junk mail by your provider. Please search your Junk Mail folder for this message.
    • Search your Inbox or Junk Mail folder for this sender address: serialnumbersupport[at]redgiantsoftware.com
    • To prevent this message from being forwarded to your Junk Mail folder in the future, please add "serialnumbersupport[at]redgiantsoftware.com" to your safe recipients list.
  2. Check for a typo or wrong email address used during order checkout.
    • Please double check the email address that you entered in your customer account. The order confirmation and serial numbers are both sent to the same email address. If you did not receive an order confirmation via email, it is likely that you will not receive your serial numbers.
  3. Check with your reseller if you puchased through another company. 
    • Please contact the reseller directly for your order information. It is possible that your order confirmation and serial number was emailed to that company.


How do I look up my serial number information?

  1. If the purchase was made directly from Red Giant Software, you can look up your order information on our site.

    Within approximately 1-3 hours from purchase, you can retrieve your serial number by logging into the account that the order was purchased from. This account is the same email address used at time of purchase. If you purchased using PayPal and do not have a current account with us, then you will need to create a new account using the same information.


  • Once you have logged into your account, click the "See Orders" link.


  • Next, click on the appropriate date to view your order invoice.


  • Serial numbers for each product are listed under the "Serial #" column. Please allow at least 3 hours for a serial number to be assigned to your product.


  • If you are unsure about which serial number belongs to which product, please refer to the following FAQ to help distinguish between them: How can I tell which product my serial number belongs to?
  • If your serial number is not listed in your specific order after 3 hours from purchase, please provide the following information when you contact us so we can retrieve your order: First/last name used in order; email address used in order; date of purchase; and Red Giant Software order number.




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