Upgrades & Updates

Our General Upgrade Policy & Upgrade Options (some exceptions apply)

Our general company upgrade policy is to only charge for upgrades if we feel we are offering value-added features to the product. When we update a product for compatibility reasons or are fixing known problems, we generally offer these updates at no charge. This policy reflects the amount of engineering time required to produce an update. We hope you find this policy to be equitable and fair. On rare occasions, based on engineering efforts, we will charge for an update.

Paid Upgrade Eligibility

Paid upgrades: Paid upgrades generally include new features, as well as compatibility updates.  You can purchase the discounted, upgrade version if you own any product version behind the current version. For example, users of Primatte Keyer 2.x or 3.x can upgrade to version 5.0.

Free Updates & Availability

Free Updates: When we update a product for compatibility reasons but do not add new features, we usually offer a free compatibility Update. From time to time, we do charge for these updates when the amount of engineering is significant.


Magic Bullet Suite 13
Magic Bullet Suite 13