Eran Stern is Totally Warped!

Jan 9, 2009 3279 6 Share
Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
No. Really. I mean that in a good way. My good friend and former After Effects Podcast host Eran Stern has just posted 3 tutorials (a trilogy!) on Red Giant Software’s Warp. Each tutorial focuses on one of the 3 Major tools: RG Shadow, RG Reflection, and RG Corner Pin. You can watch the tutorial here. What I like about these tutorials is that Eran doesn’t just show what RG Warp does. He shows how to do the best you can do with the tools in AE (so anyone with AE benefits), and then shows how Warp both makes it easier, and, more importantly, how RG Warp can do things that AE can’t do alone (such as motion blur for corner pinning). Part 3 (which is the one I’ve been really waiting to watch) uses Mocha for After Effects (which ships with AE CS4) to do the tracking, but Eran doesn’t get into that in detail  – instead he points to a previous tutorial that I did on how to use Mocha with AE. You can find that tutorial here. While that tutorial doesn’t cover RG Warp, in conjunction with part 3 of Eran’s tutorial, it will show you how to get the most out of RG Warp Corner Pin. However, if you’re on an older version of AE (and I know a lot of people still are), you can still get awesome results with RG warp, by using AE’s native tracking tools. You don’t need Mocha AE or AE CS4 to enjoy better tracking/compositing with RG Warp. But, FWIW, if you want to use Mocha AE with older viersions of After Effects, Imagineer Systems sells Moca AE alone on their site.

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  1. Aharon, thanks!

    Great tutorials. My little request is to allow us to download them. QT would be fine enough…


  2. I watched one of the tutorial and I think it was great he pointed out the difference in using these plugins rather than sticking on using AE only otherwise I would have never considered using them…
    anyone concerned about time saving should check them out…

  3. I don’t control hpw you can or cannot download Eran;s tutorials, although I am pretty sure you can download them here:

    As far as downloading the Red Giant TV Episodes – we’re working on it. Podcast should be up in the next few weeks as we move from RGTV Beta into RGTV 1.0.

  4. for firefox users I suggest DownloadHelper which has never failed me 😉

  5. iPod Touch/iPhone compatibility! until they get flash up and running in that version of safari 😉

    Great stuff here, by the way.

  6. Eran Stern, I feel so happy when I heard that some tutorials are made by you. You’re a good teacher even if my english is too bad but I can understand you as well as your joks. Thank you for beeing my teacher


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