New Tutorial: Controlling Time with Audio – Pt. 2

Jan 20, 2009 1675 3 Share
Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
OK folks – Part 2 is up and running. In this episode of RGTV, we’ll continue with using sound to effect time, but we’ll also focus on sound effecting the look of the footage, as well. Here’s an example:

Click the image to see the example video.

This uses both Trapcode Soundkeys and Magic Bullet Looks. Hope you enjoy the show! You can watch the episode here.

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  1. Pt.1 was pretty impressive am looking forward to this one 😉

  2. I’m basically always using Looks, but to keyframe Looks (well, the adj. layer) according to sound had never been in my mind before.

    Thanks Aharon for the eye-opener!


  3. thanks a bunch for demystifying Sound Keys 🙂


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