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Sean Safreed
Sean Safreed
As many of you may have heard, Adobe’s next versions of Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro are going 64-bit. Not only are they going 64-bit but these products will be exclusively 64-bit. Here are answers to three common questions about our plug-ins and 64-bit. So what does this mean for my plug-ins? It means you will need all NEW plug-ins to work in the 64-bit world. We have been working in earnest with Adobe to update all of our currently shipping plug-ins to work in 64-bit mode. In fact, we have had multiple engineers and quality assurance folks rebuilding our plug-ins over the last 5 months to make them work efficiently in After Effects in 64-bit mode. Will you need to buy an upgrade to the new version? Yes. Many of the products required extensive reworking of code because the product was originally designed when Mac OS 8 and Windows 95 ruled the world. Some of our tools go back to the mid-90s and they were never designed for 64-bit. To recoup the cost of months of engineering, we must charge something. Since this upgrade is mostly about speed (more on this below) and compatibility,  we are only charging $29 to upgrade to any single 64-bit version of our plug-ins. For Trapcode and Magic Bullet Suite customers, we will have a special discount price for the whole suite. Are there any benefits to the new versions in 64-bit mode? Yes. 64-bit applications get to take advantage of all the memory in your system. So on a Mac Pro, the 64-bit native version of After Effects can use a big chunk of the 16 GB (or more) in a system for doing longer RAM previews, better caching, and dealing with larger file sizes like 2K, 4K or even larger images. Anyone who has ever run into memory limits with large 3D comps will find a big benefit to working natively in 64-bit. As Michael Coleman recently wrote, After Effects will also be faster in 64-bit (you can read about it here). We have found that our own tools are also benefiting from 64-bit. We ran a quick test on Peder Norrby’s Trapcode Particular v2 – Massive benchmark project (you can find it here) which uses most of the Trapcode plug-ins including Form, Lux, Particular and Horizon and the speed improved by about 34%. The total render time dropped by 11 minutes on the same project compared to CS4. Multiply that out by many renders or RAM previews in a day, and that adds up to significant time savings when you use a 64-bit optimized app and plug-ins. Rest assured that Red Giant is going to be ready with many of our most popular tools soon after Adobe releases the next version of After Effects. All of our plug-ins will be 64-bit ready in Summer 2010. Welcome to the future.

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  1. So, the special upgrade price for Trapcode Suite was listed as $99, but the online store currently shows $189 per seat. How/when can we get the upgrade at the special discount price?

    1. Aharon Rabinowitz April 22, 2010 at 4:28 pm

      $189 is the prce for the upgrade from:Trapcode Suite 2007 or 2008.
      The 99 upgrade is for going from 32 bit to 64 bit. 64 bit versions are not yet available.

  2. Hello!

    I purchased Magic Bullet Suite today (thanks for the 30% discount!) and was hoping you’ll add more support for Sony Vegas Pro 9 in the future (especially the 64-bit version).

    Yours sincerely,
    .: petri teittinen
    tech journalist

  3. Will there be any advantage to using the 64 bit version on a 64 bit machine running CS4?

    1. Aharon Rabinowitz April 30, 2010 at 7:14 am

      Ben – Absolutely! Watch this 2-minute video – at the end, it’s all explained.

  4. How long exactly until the Magic Bullet Looks CS5 update is available? We have CS5 ready to roll but can’t use it as we rely so heavily on Looks for effects work.

  5. I am trying to get the “free” upgrade to particular 2.1 from 2.0. I enter in my serial number and it accepts it. I go through the checkout rigmarole and enter in the coupon code. Then paypal says that that the amount cannot be zero and will not let me complete the transaction.

    Why not just let me download the product once I put in my valid serial number? Why do I need to go through an entire checkout process for something that is free. And since I must go through the checkout process, why doesn’t it allow me to complete it?

    Its frustrating enough that RGS hasn’t completed the switch to 64 bit by now. But to add insult to injury, you cannot even download the one product that has been converted.

    Sum of these releases won’t be out until Summer? So does this mean September 2010. By then, I will have moved on to using other products and won’t bother paying any money to upgrade my RGS.

    This 64 bit conversion has been coming for a LONG time. Adobe started released 64 big versions of their suite in CS4. They announced to the world that AE and PP were going exclusively 64 bit some time ago. Surely this could have been better planned.

  6. If I upgrade to CS5 will my version of KLF Pro (2.5) work?

    If not is there an upgrade currently availiable?


  7. I second for the Magic Bullet for Sony Vegas 9 64-bit. Please don’t leave us out. 🙂


  8. Vadim Skorokhodov June 3, 2010 at 12:55 am

    When will appear Magic Bullet Mojo for Sony Vegas 9 pro x64????

  9. Would really love 64 bit support for vegas 9. Would insta-buy this if it were supported. *fingers crossed*

  10. Can you please provide any information on your intentions to support or not support Sony Vegas X in 64 bit versions of your products, especially MBL? The questions has been asked several times in this thread, but it seems like the question, just like the support, is being ignored.

  11. What about MBL for 64bit versions of Sony Vegas? one of the first NLE to go 64bit yet looks like were gonna be the last to get any decent 64 bit plugins.. come on Red Giant announce something for us soon!

  12. To Mike, as you have probably found out by now PayPal doesn’t allow $0 transactions so you must use a credit card. Haven’t tried it but I suspect that a PP virtual CC would work since there is no real transaction and so the $0 wouldn’t ever hit the PP site, but?

    As a rule threats in posts don’t work that well. The “I, will switch” doesn’t have a lot of pull unless there are a bunch of you. I have found it’s much better to actually talk to developers about your situation. For one think many are at some stage of Beta by the time people are getting impatient and if your reasonable and you REALLY need X now then sometimes you can get a pre release version that will help you out. Were at July now and pretty much everything is now CS5 compatible. From experience with other vendors I think this is actually pretty timely.

    And to be clear here I have no connection to RGS and am not speaking for them, just my personal experiences with a lot of different vendors.


    The video did not answer the posters question which is also mine. If I’m on CS4 (on 10.5.x) is there any reason to upgrade? Or any reason not to. The video never mentions anything but CS5 and I won’t be there for awhile.

  13. I presently don’t own any of these products though i was interested in Magic look for Vegas.

    I think you should answer your clients questions..

  14. I’m yet another fan of Magic Bullet Looks frustrated that I cannot use MBL in conjunction with Sony Vegas Pro 9 64 Bit.

    As soon as you announce the support, I’m back here buying it. Lots of folk like myself waiting so please make available.

    Can you offer a rough release date for said support?

    Many thanks,

    Chris Chisholm.

  15. I am yet another Vegas Pro 9 64-bit user (THE BEST NLE’s available!) and am very surprised that there is not a 64-bit compatible MBL version yet. Like one of the posters said, Sony was one of the first to go 64-bit and will be one of the last to get support. Please create!

  16. hi im a windiws 7 64bit user running sony vegas 64bit. I bought Magic Bullet Looks for sony vegas when it was released and have been using it in most of my projects but had to update my computer to 64bit and vegas to 64bit to increase the speed and time rendering my projects but was horrified when i went to update looks to 64bit to find there was no version for this. This is very dissapointing.
    Please release a version for us…

  17. Can’t believe that there is still no support for Sony Vegas since version 8,I do hope we can see something soon especially now that the plug-in architecture has changed with the release of Vegas Pro 10 making it much easier for Developers, Red Giant don’t you want my huge bags of cash? what about making an announcement?

  18. We NEED a version for 64 bit sony vegas. premiere and fcp still doesnt do it for me. The architecture and learning curve in vegas is much better (imho)

    1. Unfortunately, we have no plans to further develop or update our software for Vegas. While the Vegas community was very vocal about wanting our products, virtually no Vegas users actually bought anything. We did our best to support you guys, but development costs a lot in both time and money, and we figure both of those are better spent improving our products for customers that actually want them.

      We know that it completely sucks for the few Vegas/Red Giant users that are out there, but there’s not much we can do.


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