Knoll Unmult: Free CS5-ready Plug-in

Aug 17, 2010 28364 20 Share
Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
If you watched episode 47 of Red Giant TV, aside from being humbled by the amazingness of Tiny Inventions, you may also have caught a notation about Knoll Unmult – a  free plug-in for removing black backgrounds and generating mattes. Here is a 3-minute excerpt from the tutorial that explains what it does and how it works: iPod/iPad-Friendly version on Vimeo. Since then, we’ve had a lot of requests for a CS5-ready version. So, rather than waiting until it came up in our release schedule, our engineering team got cracking, and pushed it forward – just for you! No joke. It’s still FREE, and you can get it here. Have fun!

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  1. In which case is this different from “Set Matte”-effect or making a Luma-Matte based on it self?


  2. @Twinkle:
    I just downloaded it to test. It is slightly different, to a degree that I think it makes it more than trivial.

    Applying unmult on an image, then placing a black solid behind it, makes it appear as the original image did.

  3. Hi Guys.
    I can’t get unmult to install on CS5.5. Is there any reason for this? It just doesn’t show up in AE no matter where I try and install it.

  4. Hey,

    Having the same problem with CS.5 its not showing up in the effects tab any solutions to this.

    I put the plugin into /Applications/After effects 5.5/Plugins

    1. Fred,

      Unmult should be located here: ApplicationsAdobe After Effects CS5.5ScriptsScriptUI Panels
      Here are some FAQ’s that should be able to help

      Contact our support team if you need further assistance.
      Thank you,

  5. Hey hey, can’t seem to get Unmult to appear in AE CS6…Have tried every solution offered for prior versions…was wondering if there was any update or awareness of problems? Thanks!

    1. Matt,

      Please contact our support team so we can make sure that Unmult is located in the correct place.
      Thank you,

  6. Thanks! Love your stuff and usually it’s easy to install for silly people like me – love the installers! LOL.

  7. Guys, could you tell me if it’s working with After Effects CS6? The website says it’s compatible up to CS5, beautiful plug in thank you very much 🙂

    1. Andrew,

      Please contact our support team so we may help you with this CS6 installation:
      Thank you,

  8. Kaylinn thanks very much for your reply, however I was just wondering if the plugin is compatible with CS6 because I’m making an After Effects template I’m planning to sell, so I need to know if customers with CS6 will be able to use it. Thanks again!

  9. I’m still working with CS4. that’s why I’m not sure.

  10. I am learning so I’m affter effect plugins needed, thanks

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  12. Nice products!

  13. thanks