Mick Jones Brings Color to Wrangler’s “Road Trip” with Magic Bullet Colorista II

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Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
I was scanning twitter over the weekend and caught a tweet from Director/Editor Mick Jones about a project he just completed for Wrangler, in which he used Magic Bullet Colorista II. The spot is about to be released as a part of a web campaign for Wrangler Asia-Pacific. It will be in conjunction with the “Worn Across America” print campaign. Here’s the video: This was such an amazing piece that we asked Mick to send us some still frames from the edit so we could see the before and afters: Wrangler Scrn Grab 1 Wrangler Scrn Grab 2 Wrangler Scrn Grab 3 Wrangler Scrn Grab 4 About why he uses Colorista II, Mick says:

I use Magic Bullet Colorista because I like to do my color correction within the editing system that I use, Final Cut Pro. Due to the nature of commercials and music videos, the picture edit changes quite a bit throughout the evolution of the spot, and often at the last minute. So rather than round tripping projects to external software for my Color Correction, I keep it in the edit and can respond to the changes quickly. Colorista II has some really powerful controls such as the keyer and selective color correction that I use a lot. The density and exposure controls are great for primary level correction and having a secondary level of control within the one filter is great. I also often “Stack” multiple Colorista filters to build a look. So, having precision professional controls and being able to stay within my edit sequence means I use Colorista on a daily basis in my line of work.

About the project, Mick had this to say:

For this piece I got to work with the legendary photographer Christopher Ferguson. For this collaborative piece we really wanted to capture the feeling of the great American road trip. Shot on the Canon 5DMkII with mostly a Zeiss 50mm 1.4 this was an exercise in seizing the moment. It was shot in conjunction with a still photo shoot that Chris was handling and the live action moments were often stolen as the shutter from his camera stopped firing. This stills and video collaboration definitely had it’s challenges, but I managed to build a good rapport with the models and was able to direct them through some live action sequences in order to get the shots that I needed for the edit.

This was such a fast paced shoot and the only gear I had was a Zacuto Z-finder 3x with pro anti fog and a Zacuto Target Shooter. The anti fog eyepiece was an absolute gem working in very humid conditions for this shoot...

The music went through a few variations before landing on this fantastic track from The SnowDroppers called “Do The Stomp”.

Check out Mick’s company, Litup Digital HERE, and his Vimeo page HERE. As a side note, outside of the beta team, Mick’s was the first professional work we ever saw done in Magic Bullet Colorista II. This music video which came out just a few days after Colorista II’s release, is almost definately the first ever graded with Magic Bullet Colorista II:

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