Software Update: Magic Bullet Looks 1.4.3

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Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
image_product_large_15 Hey folks – just wanted to let you know about a maintenance release of Magic Bullet Looks for Windows and Mac users. Here are some of the Features/bug-fixes in Looks 1.4.3:
  • Adds a CPU render fallback so users who do not have a graphics card can still use Looks (such as users with Windows computers and GMA integrated cards).
  • Sony Vegas support dropped (UPDATE: Read Below)
  • Misfire plug-ins have been rebuilt to fix serialization issues customers encountered, especially Final Cut users.
  • This update does not affect Avid users on Windows.
You can find the update for both Windows and Mac HERE. UPDATE FOR SONY VEGAS USERS: Magic Bullet Looks 2 is compatible with Sony Vegas. Read more HERE.

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  1. anonymous sony vegas user February 18, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Here are some of the Features/bug-fixes in Looks 1.4.3:

    * Sony Vegas support dropped

    not sure how this is supposed to please some of us…

  2. A link to the actual update would be nice.

    1. Eric – good point. Updated. Here’s the link as well:

  3. Really? No more support for Vegas with MBL? That’s my primary editing platform and I love using Red Giant stuff in Sony Vegas.

    Just recently upgraded from MBL to Magic Bullet Suite and, while I do also use CS5, I much prefer to work end-to-end in Vegas when possible. Had hoped to see a 64-bit version of MBL for Sony Vegas…


    1. Guys – we hear you. We tried very hard to support Sony Vegas users. But it became clear 2 versions ago that, while a few Vegas users are every vocal about wanting the tools, the vast majority of Vegas users do not actually buy the plug-ins.

      We have a limited amount of time and resources, and they are best spent on improving the user experience for platforms in which people actually use our plug-ins – like AE or FCP – instead of making a product that only a handful of people will use.

      It totally sucks, I know. But so does spending a lot of time and money developing software for people who don’t really want it. Believe me, if there was real demand, we’d be on it. But there isn’t.

  4. This new update will not accept sony vegas pro 10?
    you exclude the vegas of the updates?
    sendoq u guys started Mb in sony vegas.
    await response

  5. Why would people buy it when Vegas started going 64 bits since version 8 and MBL was only 32 bits and a render hog as well. Why would we want to invest in an expensive 32 bits plugin while we are heading 64 bits? I own MBL and stopped using it over a year ago because we couldn’t get any clear answers from redgiant about support on Vegas because you people just kept quiet about it. That is why I moved on to BorisFx BCC7 which offers true day to day support.

  6. doing so is the version 64 MB for vegas, I’m sure that sales will increase, everyone was expecting the 64 MB to vegas, and not just 32

  7. I’ll give the suggestion to make at least one test with magic bullet for vegas quick look 64, do you think?

  8. Yeah , this is the main problem wtih mb looks and why people never accepted the plugin in vegas , it was very very slow and crashed the app , vegas is a rock solid app that proffesionals use for the fast editing , mb looks destroys that fast editing ideea when you see rendering times of 20 hours.
    Go ahead , support premiere and after effects – the most pirated editing app in the world ( see for most seeded cracked app ) , in those cracked packages they throw the whole red giant suite craked as well.
    Just about any plugin for adobe products you can find cracked on the web , not for vegas ( who would buy it if it were available ).

  9. This is a case of terrible execution on Red Giant’s part – not Vegas users. Vegas went 64-bit eons ago (well v8.1) but Magic Bullet never did. Plenty of companies are making good coin on Vegas plug-ins (Pluraleyes, New Blue, Mercalli etc.)….and most all had 64-bit version for version 9.

    Vegas is version 10 – which has an easier plugin format. The ONLY, ONLY, ONLY reason I use the 32-bit version of Vegas is Magic Bullet. The reason your sales were low was the lack of 64-bit version (a showstopper, deal-killer reason).

    If you had released a 64-bit version during v9 or v10 period and sales were slow, then yes, blame the Vegas users. But blaming Vegas users because you never actually released a usable version of the product in the last 2 years is pretty low and unprofessional.

    Worse yet, I’ve got a stack of Magic Bullet projects that will likely fail to open in 64-bit Vegas (I don’t expect Vegas 11 to be offered in 32-bit version) leaving a sour taste about Red Giant for years to come.

  10. Es una verguenza!!!
    No podeis culpar a los editores de Sony Vegas por vuestra impotencia en ofrescer una sola version 64 bit for Sony Vegas.
    Nosotros hemos comprado nuestra version Vegas 10 porque merece y tambien hemos comprado MB para nuestro Vegas 9. Asi que no se puede decir que no se compra o que los editores de Sony Vegas Pro no son interesados en esto.

    Es una verguenza e una injusticia!!!
    Shame on you Red Giant!

  11. I thought that with the new plugin architecture in sony vegas 10 (SDK) would be possible more plugins from Red Giant.

    I was hoping to have the colorista II in Sony Vegas.or maybe keying suite.

    Sony Vegas is growing so much, I’d bet on further development.

  12. Bummer, I sure hope you will reconsider. As a long time customer I still use MBL on all of my important projects (in 32bit Vegas) because the look is fantastic. I think you may get an increase in sales if you went 64bit. Don’t know what that entails though.

  13. Ah, the internet. A place where fan-boi’s of all kinds can gripe and whine to their hearts content. Thanks for all your great products and tutorials Red Giant!

  14. Stephen van Vuuren
    I fully agree with you

  15. I’ve been adding the voices that are disappointed with Red Giant to exclude users of Sony Vegas and its updates, users blaming pirates is no reason to abandon Sony Vegas, Sony Vegas which further supported the first ever 64-bit platform. That’s a shame. I have Sony Vegas 64-bit and longing for Magic Bullet for Vegas 64 bits.

  16. shame, blame sony vegas users by the lack of competence of the red giant to 64 bits.

  17. This letter is marked between red giant and the adobe.

  18. not respond more members here.

  19. Kind of a lot of confusion here in this thread. A couple of points:

    Engaging with a favorite vendor in said vendor’s blog and expressing concern about end of life for one’s preferred editing platform is hardly whining or being a “fan-boi” (even if one’s expression of such sentiments is, shall we say, less eloquent than my own). These cats paid the same dollars as FCP, AE or AP users, you know?

    That being said, it looks like Aharon’s comments about the willingness of Sony Vegas users to pay for professional level plug-ins are being misunderstood.

    I don’t think he meant to imply that *piracy* was the problem. What he’s saying is that (not enough of) the Vegas user base buys this kind of stuff. Could very well be true. Vegas is certainly extremely cost effective and a lot of the user base seems to be amateur, prosumer, semi-pro… whatever… Point is, they’re not used to (or intersted in) paying for extra stuff — they’ve got everything they need right in the app. (This is one of the great things about Vegas, if you ask me.)

    After Effects (for example), on the other hand, has a totally different culture and user base around it. It’s a reasonably powerful app on its own, but so much more useful when you add in a bunch of plugs. And a significant portion of that user base will buy everything and anything that comes out for that platform. (Though I’m sure Red Giant wishes there were more users like that.)

    Anyway, the reason that Red Giant *knows* about the behavior of the Vegas user base is that several years ago, an earlier version of Vegas came bundled with a simplified (preset only) version of Magic Bullet with the app (with an upgrade offer to the full version). I’m guessing that me and the four or five people posting here are pretty much the only takers on that offer. Go figure.

    FWIW, Sony did a very similar thing with Cineform at approximately the same time with what I’m guessing were similar results.

    Advice to other Sony Vegas users is to take a break from buying Sony-specific extras for a while and at least get an After Effects license (though the CS5 collections are hard to resist if you can stomach the pricing and, like me, do web dev/photo/video/audio/publishing).

    Having to go out to AE (or, gag, Premiere) for clip processing does add a lot of extra *work* to your *flow*, but whaddyagonnado?

    On the plus side, there’s a lotta cool stuff to spend money on in CS5-land and there’s been some outrageous deals lately. The recent MB Suite upgrade deal (thanks, Red Giant) was just one example (DigiEffects current promotion of $199 for their mega-bundle is another)…

  20. Keith , vegas users are the kind of people who cut a lot and make simple montages with no special effects ( wich we hate ).
    Example i do weddings , i used AE only to do my logo’s and intro’s but never for a real wedding.
    Also Premiere has a slow interface , simple things you do in vegas take way more clicks and go in menu actions , that’s why we don’t touch adobe products , they are complicated to work with and not for us who need fast editing/multicam.
    Also Vegas was way faster and more stable than premiere before adobe launched cs5 , even if cs5 is better by some people opinions now , the big user base of vegas users won’t switch now when they got used to vegas and they bought vegas.
    Now if you buy a pro cam from sony you get vegas 10 pro for free so even worst for adobe.
    Also , mb looks is used very very little in vegas by me and wedding pro’s , only for short montage’s like intro , the 2-3 hours of footage that need color corection is done with vegas own color corection wich is faster and better.
    Doesn’t matter anymore , Cineform’s First light seems very competent and i’m amazed how good it is and how i didn’t know about it , some collegues were shocked to hear i still use mb looks ( overused by kiddies who want the cinema look ).

  21. I’m so disappointed by the news as Vegas Pro is still my primary editing software. Yes, I upgraded to the full MB Suite for After Effects to do something I cannot do in Vegas, but 95% of the time I use Vegas and 99% of the time I use MB for finishing and sadly this cannot be done anymore.

  22. Keith,

    All sorts of users are Vegas users and your comments simply don’t jibe with the facts that:

    1 – A number of companies make plugins in for power Vegas users – Boris, VAAST, Syntheyes, New Blue etc.
    2 – The primary reason (perhaps the sole reason) for slow MBL sales is the never-released 64-bit version despite the fact the Vegas has release v8.1, v9.x and now 10.x in 64-bit over the past FOUR years.

    If a 64-bit, multi-threaded, GPU accelerated MBL had ever shipped – then Red Giant can claim “poor sales”. Otherwise, it’s not on base.

  23. Not sure RG ever took vegas seriously anyway, they kind of see it as a joke- just check out Stu Maschwitz’s blog at

    As a Vegas user, I’m really not all the upset. It’s not like RG is the only grading app out there. Much of what you can do with it can be done with other apps. Since the openFX platform of Vegas 10 Boris has jumped all over it. Here is a very robust color grading application:

    If RG doesn’t want our business, no-problem- just move on to a competitor

  24. So the general consensus here is that MB looks was never a properly made plugin to be bought by vegas users , i agree with this decision.
    If you try any other plugin from VASST , boris , pixelan .. the cinema effect is applied instantly and rendered like you are not even using an efect on the footage , it’s way faster than mb looks , we liked mb looks but not enough to buy it , work much much harder if you want to even interest the majority of vegas users.
    And BTW , a recent pool on camcorderslash puts vegas as the second most used NLE.

  25. Wow. Sony Vegas support dropped?

    1) You people never got it running right in Vegas to begin with. I spent over $2,500 in software to edit w/ Sony Vegas and the app kept crashing and your “support” team of fools never was able to fix the issue… crash after crash after crash!

    2) I would have happily purchased more copies of MBL for Vegas … but once again you REFUSED to innovate and move to a 64-bit version of Vegas and let it deteriorate to a pile of nothing.

    Now you COMPLETELY DROP it, leaving my software broken and buggy and now wont support it at all?

    I will NEVER purchase a piece of Red Giant software AGAIN- obviously you will just drop support if you can’t figure out how to fix it- WAY TO GO!

  26. really unfortunate, a company such as red giant, stepping on the ball so users with sony vegas.

  27. Goats, you regret some what 1500 bucks on Vegas x64

  28. I bought mb because they say i was compatible with Vegas 9. Then I realized that It was only compatible with Vegas 9 32b but this is a lie because in the 32 bit versión crash so you can not used. I complained to technnical support and they told the probabily will make a 64b versión. So i have been waiting now for almost a years for morning. I and realy dissapointed with REd Gigant. I felt cheated for buying a expensive software for nothing.

    No wonder no Sony user use RG. IT DOSENT WORK AND NEVER DID

  29. I just wanted to add to the discussion that not only the few people who are verbal in this forum use MB Looks with Vegas. In our video production workflow we dropped Premier long ago, and Vegas has been serving us very well. We are not at the level of amateurs as some have implied, and we did a lot of work with Looks and Mojo. In fact, we are in the process of adding several workstations to our workflow, and were about to purchase several licenses to MB Looks. Now that they have dropped support for Vegas we find ourselves having to rethink the matter altogether. Case in point: I don’t think we are going to restructure our workflow and return to Premier or change our editor just to accommodate Looks. So, in my opinion, this decision is costing MB a client and several licenses we were about to purchase. Just letting the voice of those who are not active in this forum be heard…. All the best.

  30. I spent far to long trying for to long to make sony vegas work – plus on dslr it was a total dog and could see several suppliers not developing any of their current releases for Pro 10 –plus I had the vision to jump to Adobe last year like most others serious users have already done…..Sony has lost interest and seriously slipped off the editing plant it represents under .065% of their media revenue …Adobe works..try it …the game is split between Adobe, FCP and Avid..that is all that is left to consider..seriously

  31. Dear RedGiantSoftware, please consider making the Magic Bullet Suite 11 available for Vegas 10 64-bit. Vegas 10 is now an OpenFX api and apparently that should make the process easier. I believe there is truly a market for you.

    Hankauknz, I earn a living with Vegas. I have know Premiere from version 5 up till now CS5.5. Vegas is way ahead in it’s editing UI and workflow, proof is Apple did a major move with FCPX, while it isn’t perfect yet, I replicates the Vegas UI and the new era of editing. There are things I like in Premiere but overall, so many more in Vegas.

    And please RedGiantSoftware, have Magic Bullet Suite 11 for Vegas 64-bit


  32. So disappointed in Red Giant, for forsaking Sony users, ironic that you would blame lack of purchases since you’ve cut of any further chance of that. Why did you take our money in the first place when you couldn’t be bothered staying the distance?
    I thought Sony just made a bunch of changes to make it easier for plugin development, did you look at that?… No?
    Interesting though that you have made a version for iphone?

    So far you guys are looking pretty bad; it really looks like you’ve been paid off by Adobe or some competitor to do this, as we know how business hates playing fair or looking after customers who don’t have a lot of sway.
    Someone here mentioned how few editing platforms there are left, and FCP just left the building.
    Monopoly anyone?

    1. We recently released Looks 2.0 for Sony Vegas. Here is a link to one of our latest blog posting about Magic Bullet Suite 11.1 including Vegas compatibility for Looks 2.0:

      I hope this helps!

  33. Hello , I have 64bit PC , When i install the magic bullet for sony vegas pro , my vegas is 8, I choose the Magic bullet looks for Vegas Pro. But Magic Bullet Show Me What When i install magic bullet for vegas 0mb needs , why ? i install the Magic Bullet But in sony vegas Video fx I haven’t Magic Bullet Looks . . ;[[

    1. SpinLithuania,

      This is something that our Support Team would need to look into.
      Please contact us here:
      Thank you,

  34. why the magic bullet 1.4.3 works only for windows 32bit operation system?

    1. Magic Bullet Looks 1.4.3 is compatible with 64-bit systems.
      Please contact our support team if you are unable to install on your 64-bit machine:

      Thank you,