Vid-Atlantic: From Snoop Dogg to Hardware

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Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz

“We had to revise the video after the color grade was delivered and drop in new big chunks of video segment that the colorist never touched. The colorist used Resolve and we used Looks to match those new segments without skipping a beat!”

If you’ve been following us on twitter or have been keeping up with the blog, you may have caught that we’re making a short film. In his search for some gear for the shoot, our director Seth Worley, pointed out this video of an as of yet unreleased Lens Filter from Vid-Atlantic Media Production that can give a standard DSLR lens some of the qualities of an anamorphic lens. From the guys at Vid-Atlantic: “What it does is mimic characteristics of anamorphic lenses such as the flare or streak and vertically stretched bokeh. It’s very easy to use and allows you to rack focus your photo lens like normal. This is a HUGE plus as shooting with real anamorphic attachments requires you to focus both the anamorphic lens and the photographic lens, making run and gun shooting pretty much impossible.” I did some research, and it turns out that they are primarily in the business of shooting music videos and promotional content for electronic artists and DJs – not primarily in the business of hardware. In fact, In 2009, Vid-Atlantic won the highest honor for a music video, a coveted MTV VMA Moon-man for Best Dance Video. Below is their music video demo reel: About the video, Eddie Enciu, from Vid-Atlantic said: “We’ve used many products in the past from apples color to even recently the resolve, but we’ve settled on Colorista II and Magic Bullet Looks as our drugs of choice now. I’ve used Magic Bullet since 2004. 75% or more of that video had either Magic Bullet Looks or Trapcode Starglow. Lately I’ve been using the Magic Bullet Denoiser since losing a few f-stops when shooting with our CineMorph filter, and our partner team and us are experimenting making a music video mainly using sound keys.” Their videos are all airing globally on music video networks including MTV, mainly doing work for Spinnin Records and Vicious Records for their US based superstar Producer/DJ Ian Carey. They just wrapped the latest video with Snoop Dogg, using, among other things, Magic Bullet Looks to help create the color and mood. In fact, while some shots were graded with Davinci (with Looks added for even more mood), Eddie tells me: “We had to revise the video after the color grade was delivered and drop in new big chunks of video segment that the colorist never touched. The colorist used Resolve and we used Looks to match those new segments without skipping a beat!” Trapcode Form, Echospace and 3D Stroke were also used for the high-paced motion graphics seen in the video below. So, how do a bunch of Music Video guys got into selling hardware? “Our products are simply a spin-off from all of our experimenting on music videos and other productions. We’ve had to build our own products and later we get bombarded with requests to have them made for others who want to use similar tools. We developed a small 35mm adapter years ago before DSLRs but now it has become popular as we were the first to mount SLR lens on the iPhone 4 via the OWLE bubo. The clamps came about from our frustration of anamoprhic lenses never being able to mount correctly. And now the CineMorph filter has also come about because of the inability to rack focus and shoot run n gun using real anamorphic lens combos. It was really meant as a companion to real anamorphic shooting but for those selective focusing type shots. Everyone has gotten used to the same ol’ spherical look of DSLRs so anamorphics are making a comeback and interest is growing.” Check out the Vid-Atlantic Media Production website to learn more. snoop

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  1. Wow! I wonder how they make them… Are you going to use the Vid-Atlantic lens filter for your short guys?

    All the best,


    1. Aharon Rabinowitz March 7, 2011 at 11:41 am

      yes. We filmed with it this weekend.

  2. Yeah we used it on several shots this weekend, and the flares it creates are pretty awesome. Our key grip stood offscreen and shot an Arri 150 at it for several shots and got a glorious flare stretching across the whole screen. However I honestly don’t even think we came close to utilizing this thing’s full potential.


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