Help us Find the Best Magic Bullet Looks Videos and Win the Plug-in of Your Choice!

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Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
We’re looking for the best videos that use Magic Bullet Looks. Show us your favorite one, and if we love it too, we’ll give you AND the creator any single Red Giant Plug-in. Just post the links here and we’ll check them out. You can absolutely submit your own work, but you won’t get two plug-ins – only one. So… Share the love, and share quality stuff, and everyone wins! Post you’re favorite videos in the comments here. We’ll look at every one, and pick a bunch of winners. I’ll even start. This is one of my favorites:

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  1. Save the Lost – Salomon —
    Salton Sea Beach – Philip Bloom —
    Silent Transitions – Salomon —

  2. Dave Sills “Life Without Love” Official Music Video – Kevin Otterness —
    Home Cooking – Philip Bloom —

  3. Short film trailer for ‘This… is the Orange Line”.

    Experience Chicago from Midway to the Loop. ‘This… is the Orange Line’ is an nine minute short about the shapes and movement of the Chicago (CTA) Orange Line L Train from day to night. Featuring a Cello Concerto by Edward William Elgar.

    (I will give Red Giant a copy of the completed film upon request)
    (Otherwise check out for festival and theater screening dates)


    This is the one-minute trailer for “Molly and the Masked Storm”, a 22-minute film by 15-year-old Ben Kadie. Ben used every feature in Magic Bullet Looks to bring the film to life. The film follows the adventures of stage magician Molly Marlow as she struggles to protect the powers of Merlin from a horde of masked wind demons. Ben filmed in the summer between 8th grade and high school (in local parks and in his backyard). He then added 12 months of intense editing and 3D visual effects work. His film web site:

  5. Here is a link for a short film I entered into the 24 Hour Chicago Film Race: I used Magic Bullet Looks to grade and Misfire for the VFX

  6. Would love to throw my MBL color grading demo in the mix. Was featured on Red Giant blog and facebook:

  7. Hi Aharon.
    Shameless self-promotion for I’m Still Here – Debbie Forrest.

    It’s a music video I made earlier this year for Debbie Forrest, a singer-songwriter from Houston, TX. I used a modified version on the “Blockbuster” preset. I think the Magic Bullet Looks really brought everything together along with the glow and the lights.

  8. This is a short film called Has It Arrived Yet.

    It actually utilized three different looks at various points in the film from Magic Bullet Looks.

    -No. 85

    -Basic Warm

    -Night Time

  9. It’s very “simple” and “soft” but I like the tones of that family movie so much:

  10. This is stunning CGI

  11. Yeah its shameless self promotion…but…I used Magic Bullet Colorista II and a few scenes that used Looks. The new colorista secondary masking is pretty amazing.


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