Ahoy! Talk like a Disney pirate with Psunami

Apr 29, 2011 2291 1 Share
I really mean ‘design like a pirate’, but that is a rarely explained talent of sea marauders and conversely, we all know about this famous day. Another pirate fact that has recently emerged is how Red Giant Psunami was used in a sexy video teaser for Hayden-Harnett bags called Pirates Everywhere!. This fashion video was created by filmmaker Stephen Dirkes and his production company Obscure Object Films, in collaboration with photographer Tal Shpantzer. The new fashion bags are part of Hayden-Harnett’s Disney Signature collection and influenced by the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

“Pirates Everywhere!” Opening Title Animation

Stephen wrote in his company blog, “Posting about “Psunami” the video effects plug-in I used to create a 3d ocean for the titles because its both Prefab and Pretty Fabulous!… A super simple 3d animated ocean generator that I found really useful because its both very simple to start something and yet gives you quite a few parameters to work with… “Psunami” is the go to plug in that offers tremendous bang-for-the-buck and goes beyond being just a quick fix.”” You can read Stephen’s step-by-step use of Psunami on his blog page and learn more about Obscure Objects Film here. Of course, if you are in need of some booty for Talk Like a Pirate Day, Hayden-Harnett bags is ready for your shopping needs. Arrr!

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  1. Very nice, good use of Psunami with pretty simple settings. This is one powerful plug-in with massive potential and many excellent uses!