Grinder 1.5 update: ProRes HD/LT, 25p output & EXIF data

May 5, 2011 7442 9 Share

The essential tool for converting DSLR video to edit-friendly formats

Magic Bullet Grinder is the smartest way to transcode DSLR/HDSLR footage. Grinder converts Canon video to edit-friendly formats, burns in timecode and generates editing proxies in a single time-saving pass. Use Grinder to work faster and easier than transcoding inside Final Cut Pro 7. Version 1.5 adds helpful new features for high-resolution output like ProRes HQ and ProRes LT codecs and a frame rate option of 25p or 24p. Proxy files can now use EXIF-based timecode, 1080p output and a custom output destination. We’ve also added customized file naming, Growl notification support and render priority for main vs proxy files. Grinder is a standalone solution that converts video without bogging down your video editing application. Take the tedium out of transcoding and get to the editing you love.

Learn more about Grinder 1.5 • Buy now from our online store • Try out the Grinder 1.5 demo

Free Upgrade for Grinder 1.0 owners

Many of the new features in Grinder 1.5 came directly from customers using Grinder in their production workflow. You spoke, we listened. That’s why for current owners of Grinder 1.0, the upgrade to Grinder 1.5 is absolutely and always free. If you already own Grinder 1.0, please go here to download version 1.5 of Grinder. This 1.5 upgrade requires the same serial number as your version 1.0 purchase. Have questions about whether you qualify? Please contact our Support team.

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  1. Huge update. Thanks for listening and adding these critical features.

  2. Any chance of eventually adding AVCHD support? This would be massively helpful for working with Panasonic m4/3 cameras.

  3. Although we don’t have any plans for AVCHD support for Grinder as of this moment, I would be happy to write up a feature request about adding this support

  4. I agree with Sterling, AVCHD would be a great help! But, none the less a great program…keep it up!

  5. The ability to NOT have a amendment extension added to the “proxy” edit would be nice… so they could have the same identical names…

  6. a few feature requests

    1. output to mxf for avid media composer with optional creation of an .ale file for easy import into avid media composer

    2. display of approx. time to finish transcoding (clip/entire batch)

    3. avchd (sony and panasonic cameras) import support

  7. AVCHD Please that’s really important that most camcorder use it and converting it to .mov 1080P gets 1GB/minute thats huge
    While for example canon 7d gets less than 500 mb/minute
    Hope we can achieve high quality with reasonable storage

  8. AVCHD would be great. Thank you

  9. AVCHD would be a great addition. For cameras like C100, Fs700 and so many more….