Magic Bullet Movie Looks HD Now for iPad & iPhone

Jul 13, 2011 5514 10 Share

Get MORE beautiful cinematic looks, now for iPad & iPhone movies

Magic Bullet Movie Looks HD turns your family into movie stars with glamorous color effects inspired by popular films. Our new Movie Looks HD gives your movies even more Hollywood appeal by including all 40 looks from Movie Looks premium packs. Now your purchase includes our popular ‘Blockbuster’, ‘Popular Film’ and ‘Black and White’ looks… for the same $1.99. Add a burst of movie magic with these new features:
  • Includes all 40 looks from Movie Looks, with no separate purchase required
  • Support for Portrait videos (so your dog doesn’t hurt his neck turning sideways)
  • Support for videos up to 5 minutes in length (’cause your daughter can’t twirl around forever)
  • Fully optimized for the iPad, including support for iPad 2
  • Updated trimming and frame selection to simplify your movie setup
  • Universal app for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iTouch, iPad 1, iPad 2
FREE UPGRADE: Do you already own Movie Looks? Then you get Movie Looks HD for free. Go to the App Store for easy upgrade information.

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  1. Hi Redgiants.
    I got movielooks HD for iphone and ipad the other day and have the same problem on both, the ipad2 and iphone4.
    movielooks just doesnt render any clip, that seems longer than a few seconds but still way under 5 minutes. it starts rendering and then gets stuck after about two minutes. The “time remaining countdown then just sits there. For about an hour now.
    Is there anything I should know?
    Best regards
    Uwe Wieseman

    1. Uwe,
      Please contact our support team so we can further look into this issue.
      Thank you,

  2. Please upgrade Movie Looks HD to support 1080p on the Ipad 2. Ipad 2 can now support Canon 7D DSLR video – your app only supports 720p. I think its time for an update and to have options to render the video at a higher bit rate on the IPAD 2 as it can support this. There is no other colour grading app like this so Keep ahead of the bunch as there will be soon!

    1. Conrad,

      Thanks so much for the information. We will look into this and see if we can release some form of update soon.
      Thank you,

  3. Hello Redgiant,

    Are you guys planning to do an update on the Movie Looks HD app? It would be awesome to render 1080p video’s in stead off 720p. I think this would be a significant upgrade because almost all Apple iDevices support 1080p video recording. I hope you guys will do, because I love this app!

    1. Jeroen,

      No plans on updating as of yet. I would be happy to fill out a feature request regarding this.
      We are so happy that you are enjoying Movie Looks!
      Thank you,

  4. Please update movie looks to support 1080p soon. There are many people who are waiting for this feature.



  5. Please update this for 1080p support. We all need this

    1. I would be happy to fill out a feature request regarding this compatibility on your behalf.
      Thank you,

  6. I shoot mostly in 1080p on my phone and edit using ipad AVID PINNACLE app in 1080p so not having 1080p export on Movie Looks HD is frustrating at best.

    It would be good if you dropped the low res 360 support and just had 2 export options 720p and 1080p – perhaps a new version would in order and would be happy to pay for this improved upgraded app.

    Thanks for such a great product and look forward to the new version with 1080p support


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