We’re going to Vegas, Baby!

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Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
Hey folks – in case you missed the news from IBC, we’re bringing Magic Bullet Looks back to Sony Vegas Pro. You can read the press release HERE, but let me boil it down and give you a little more info:
  1. We’re showing it right now at IBC.
  2. Magic Bullet Looks 2 integrates seamlessly with Vegas Pro, offering the same rich toolset in the Looks interface as in every other version.
  3. It will be available soon. Yes. You heard me. Soon.
So why are we adding support back into Vegas Pro, after we dropped it just a few months back? In short, because we love you. No really. That’s why. The Sony Vegas users were extremely passionate about our stance on Looks 2, and we love passion. It’s what drives the creativity in our industry, and it’s what drives us to make better tools. And once we saw your commitment to getting the most out of your editor, we started working directly with the team at Sony to get you what you need to make that happen. Hey – A little bit of passion goes a long way. So… to sum it up, Vegas users… See you soon. Love, Red Giant

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  1. This is good news but would be even better if you brought the Avid update out!!

  2. waiting anxiously.
    I love magic bullet for vegas.
    I hope to have support for 64-bit Vegas Pro.
    congratulations red giant.

  3. Any news on the FCP X version please.. ?
    How would you like me to show passion for it 🙂

    1. Hey Phil – We’re with you on the passion for FCPX – Most of it is in Apple’s hands, though, but we’re working through it.

  4. About time! Glad to see you guys back, there’s more of us than you realize! I had purchased literally every red giant product available for sony vegas, and was very disspaointed when it was dropped.

    However, this is only half the battle. It remains to be seen whether your product will function fully within vegas 11 as borisfx, new blue, genarts etc all perform. I imagine that with the new infrastructure and close collabaration between red giant and sony that we will see great results and stable performance. With ofx it has become much easier for 3rd party fx companies to sell their products to vegas users, such as twixtor and RSMB both of which I also bought. video fx junkie out!

  5. I can’t wait any longer, How soon? I’m very happy..Don’t forget the 64-bit vegas Pro supportand,….Mojo please! You are really a “Giant”

  6. while it does not leave vegas 11 pro, they could already launch pro for vegas 10.

  7. As a Vegas editor, I can’t wait for this! Will save bouncing into AE to finish my footage.

  8. Thanks so much for having MBL2 for Sony Vegas!!!

  9. Great news. We had continued to use MBLooks with the 32 bit Vegas, without upgrading, but having the opportunity to upgrade to v. 2 is great. Keep us posted on the release. I hope compatibility with 64bit and v. 11 is part of the plans. Welcome back!

  10. come well in return to the world of vegas.

  11. I was there at IBC showing Sony Vegas 10 and 11 (pre-release) to the visitors and had the chance to try it it as it was installed on our machine.
    Works really well, looks great and the render times are good

    see my site for some images of the screen.

  12. Really great news. I bought Look 2 and have been using a tedious workflow round trip from Vegas to AE to Vegas because Looks is just that good. This will speed things up dramatically. Thanks Red Giant!

  13. really, really excited to hear this, buys!!!
    Super coolio!

  14. Thank you! Look forward to Vegas 11 versions!

  15. This is fantastic news. Magic Bullet has the best film look on the market…hands down! I am shooting a Detroit red Wings/Grand Rapids Griffins documentary and an indie film and I am so stoked! Nothing bettet than Vegas and MB!

  16. Sony Vegas is the best and easiest to use NLE period. Beats Final Cut, and Premiere Pro CS5.5, I have them all and will use Sony Vegas over them any day. Glad to see you guys supporting Sony Vegas again!!

  17. Thank you guys! MB Looks 2 for vegas x64 was my greatest dream!)

  18. Just bought Looks 2 for Sony Vegas! Works really well, thanks so much for supporting Vegas again and going 64 bits!
    Looking for some more great plug-ins from RedGiant

  19. I’ve being using Vegas since 2003. Thank You Red Giant for supporting Magic Bullet Looks for Vegas, especially the 64 bit version of Vegas Pro.

  20. Mike Middleton Australia November 7, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    Great NEws….have missed it in Vegas Pro 10 sooner the better

  21. Just upgraded last night to 2.0 for Sony vegas pro 11 and no matter what I do I get the dreaded, “Error: Sorry, unable to create a suitable frame for Looks builder. It works perfectly on my 32 bit version of Pro 10. Any ideas?

    1. Dave,

      Please contact our support team regarding this issue so we can further look into this:
      Thank you,

  22. Any chance to see Colorista II on Vegas one day?

    1. No official plans as of yet, but I would be happy to fill out a feature request regarding this compatibility so we can get this started.
      please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.
      Thank you,

  23. dave did you get the error corrected? I have the same error

    1. Randy,

      Please contact our support team so that we can get all of your information and specs:
      Thank you,


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