Looks + FCPX: What the heck is taking so long?!

Nov 3, 2011 12727 30 Share
Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
IMPORTANT UPDATE (1/31/12): Looks for FCPX is now available. Learn more HERE. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about Magic Bullet Looks for FCPX, and what’s taking so long. So I put together this video to show it in action, and to give an update on it;s development: As I say in the video, by far, we aren’t the only ones being effected. Apple is taking this issue very seriously, and they’ve been very responsive. We know their team of developers is dedicated to giving you the best possible user experience in FCP, so we expect a resolution soon. Thanks for hanging in there. IMPORTANT UPDATE (1/31/12): Looks for FCPX is now available. Learn more HERE.

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  1. Great news! Have always found your products to be essential to any host, and any app (mograph, editing) that does not support red giant is, to me, a big dud.

    Now, my question.

    You say FCPX does not allow for custom UI elements. Is that because it is technically impossible, or because Apple is just not allowing it? If it’s by design and thus impossible, that’s a big turn-off in my book.

    What I am really looking forward to, is Colorista II in FCPX. The built-in color corrector… well… it’s really not good for heavy, quick and pro use. Colorista II would be a godsend!!!
    But about that custom UI thingy – Since both Looks for FCPX and AU audio plugs open with their own interface, in their own window, would that be a path you are considering (having the interface in its own window)?

    The absolutely best thing that could happen, would be for Apple to allow you to make a Colorista II UI where the color board is.

    I certainly think it’s a very serious design-flaw, not allowing allowing 3rd party devs the option of “adding” to the hosts UI. Even though I think FCPX is insanely beautiful(!) it also seems very restrictive with regards to a future where many, many 3rd parties are going to lift the program. And let’s face it… a program like PPro, AE, FCP, PS, etc is really dependant on having good 3rd party support (from both hard- and software amkers) if it is to succeed.

    You are the best,


  2. Thanks for the update! It’s good to know that the release is so close…I’ve got a few projects that could really use MB!

  3. Ok.. now you are wetting my appetite… looks great (Excuse the pun).

    Is there anything we users can do to get Apple to hurry up ?

  4. Scott,
    We are currently working with Avid for compatibility with our products. No release date as of yet, but we will let everyone know once this is released.
    Thank you,

  5. While you guys are busy trying to find the work around for FCPX, perhaps you could ramp up fixing the Colorista II bug that you already know you have for FCP.

    Just to recap: Any color correction that is made using Colorista II does NOT hold when you then fire up Magic Bullet Looks II. That is, the color correct footage looks UNcorrected when that frame is then pulled into MB, kinda sounds similar to the problem you’re seeing in FCPX, where the cache is grabbing the wrong frame. In the current bug, MB looks is looking at the frame as if NO color correction had been done to it. And course, adding any MB effect is useless because you can’t see how it will actually affect that Colorista footage until you jump back into FCP. Often, it’s not a pleasant surprise.

    And yes… I’ve talked to Red Giant support until I’m blue in the face… no solution.

    1. Brock,
      I see we already have your information in our bug database regarding this issue. Rest assure that this is something that we are currently looking into and testing for. We will let you know right away as soon as we release a fix. Thank you so much for your patience.


  6. Thanks for the update. Hopefully Apple will fix this “bug” soon so you can finally release MBL. The program looks great so far!!

  7. I take it this image caching issue is what is holding up the entire set of the Magic Bullet Suite plugins for FCPX?

    1. Pascal – That’s some of it. You probably caught that we can’t have custom UI elements in FCPX. Colorista II is full of those (ex. Color wheels, HSL wheels) so this presents an interesting challenge. We are working on many things for the FCPX users, rest assured. We’re very excited about it too.

  8. There is update of FCP X, 10.0.2. Works Looks with it?

    1. Benoit,
      Unfortunately, this update does not make us compatible with FCPX. We will release compatibility for FCPX as soon as we can.
      Thank you,

  9. Hello,
    Is today’s update from Apple fixing the issue or are we looking to wait for January’s update?
    Thank you

  10. Tom,

    Not yet, but we will make an announcement when when release compatibility for Looks in FCPX.
    Sorry for the delay!


  11. Kaylinn,
    does this mean 10.0.2 isn’t ready for Looks, or Looks isn’t ready for 10.0.2?? =]
    i would just like to know if i should wait a month or so for a project that needs grading in looks, or if I should go through the hassle of trying to get my timeline to FCP 7 =[ so many transformations, and speed adjustments inside my fcpx timeline…
    thanks kaylinn!!!

  12. Any updates to the update? I am really getting to grips with fcpx now but I really miss looks! I don’t have access to an older version of fcp on my work computer so can’t jump into an old version when I need it.
    I really enjoy my looks, can’t wait to get them running again!
    All the best

    1. Graham,

      We are still waiting on Apple to release an update for FCPX. Once this is release, rest assure we will let everyone know.
      Thank you,

  13. why is magic bullet looks for fcpx so long.
    What is taking so long…

    1. We are waiting for Apple to release an update. We are just as anxious as everyone and will make an announcement letting everyone know once this is released.

  14. Guys, thank you so much for little videos like this.

    I guess you’re inundated with email and forum posts. This sort of little personal note is balm to soothe the continuing canker of FCP-X’s color board – that is merely a re-hash of the 3-way colour corrector we were all running away from by using Colorista and Looks in the first place.

    We’ll continue to wait rather than try out Resolve Lite with FCPX support, we’ll continue to practice with FCPX, but our movies won’t be graded until Bullet for X is out.

    ‘Much power to your elbows’ as the saying goes.

    1. Thanks for the support, Matt. we’re optimistic that there will be a solution soon. But like you, we’re kind of bummed out that this has taken so long – mostly because there is nothing we can do until Apple fixes this.

  15. Hi guys,

    I am so relieved that you haven’t given up on us ! You can’t imagine. I agree with Matt; i am stalling my projects because of the lack of MBL. The thought alone that a finished project could have looked so much cooler with MBL is more than enough to keep stalling… It already cost me an additional HD to store all the unfinished stuff while people ask me what’s keeping me soo long.

    So… If it helps, i’ll start burning candles 😉 And i wish i was exaggerating.


  16. Wow… still not fixed?? As an early adopter to FCP X, I am extremely disappointed that we are still waiting for such an essential tool to become compatible. Is there anything we can do as consumers to expedite this process? Who do we need to email over there at Apple? Is there even a sense of urgency on their part?

    1. Apple is aware of demand for Magic Bullet and FCPX.
      Hopefully the release will be sooner rather then later. Rest assure that once the fix is released, we will announce it.
      Thank you,

  17. Frankly, you guys kick out some of the best software for making Final Cut really shine. Add me to the list of those waiting for Looks 2.0 to work with FCPX before I jump from FCP7.

  18. Hi Kaylinn!
    Can’t wait …X100 ; )
    I bought FCPX the day it was out and my only goal was to use it with MBL, that I bought the same day… Talking about a frustration… not been able to use MBL once!! (besides Mojo which is already fantastic) can’t afford to buy another editing program. So, I’m definitely on the list too. Thank you very much for the update!

    PS : Preparing champagne to celebrate Holy update. And if I was living in the US… I’d organize a huge “MBL-now-rocks-on-FCPX-party” and invite you folks over! ; ))))

    1. Luc,

      That sounds great!
      We will definitely let everyone know once we are compatible.


  19. No worries – most people who buy toys don’t buy expensive add ons to the their toys.

    Keep making Red Giant better for the pro products – FCP and do what you can with Avid and Premiere.

  20. So, does this new version of FCPX out today fix the problems?

    I really hope so!


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