Some Magic Bullet Goodies, Just in Time for the Holidays

Dec 12, 2011 5514 6 Share
Micah Sharp
Micah Sharp
Maintenance Release: Magic Bullet Suite 11.1.2 The elves at Red Giant have been merrily working away on some updates to the Magic Bullet Suite, checking a few items off our lists to try and ensure your latest film project doesn’t end up looking like a lump of coal. This will also be the first Magic Bullet Suite installer that will not contain Denoiser 1.0 (more below). Here are the hi-lights of Magic Bullet Suite 11.1.2: PhotoLooks 1.5.2
  • Those of you installing PhotoLooks along with the entire suite may have noticed categories that show up in the Looks drawer that happen to be empty – this occurs because Looks created for Looks 2.0 used new tools and aren’t usable in PhotoLooks (yet). We’ve fixed things up for now so you wont see a bunch of empty categories – only categories that have Looks you want.
  • “Save Image As” in the Photo LooksBuilder was never meant to be left in the application and was not working correctly. It has been removed completely. Use the host app you launch PhotoLooks from to save your images.
  • For those of you who also use QuickLooks, there was a bug in the installer that would cause all of your QuickLooks presets to disappear after installing PhotoLooks. We’ve fixed this up.
Looks 2.0.4
  • For those of you using Looks 2.0 in Sony’s Vegas Pro on non-English 32-bit Windows systems, we’ve fixed up the truly annoying OMP error that pops up on your screen.
Colorista II 1.0.5
  • In Premiere Pro, dragging the power mask preview outline was not lining up with the actual mask. We’ve sorted this all out and it’s working great.
Grinder 1.5.1
  • The Timecode Start setting was always working in ‘Continuous’ mode – ‘Reset’ and ‘Time of Day’ were being ignored – all fixed up.
  • Choosing “Original + Timecode” as the main format option was causing the timecode to be off by a factor of 100. We’ve got the math all working now and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.
Bye-Bye Denoiser 1.0 Grab the latest Magic Bullet Suite installer for Mac or Windows here or use Red Giant Link to update your installation.

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  1. Playing around with MBL 2 in FCP 7 on Lion and I cannot seem to “edit” the looks within the application. The presets go on fine but I cannot adjust them and see any difference in the preview panel. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, reset permissions, etc. Any other tricks or advice? It simply won’t show me what I’m doing in the preview panel.

    1. Bevan,
      This looks like something our support team needs to take a look into. Please contact us so we can start you a support case:
      Thank you!

  2. FCP X Compatibility?

    1. Mike,
      We are still waiting on Apple to release an update for FCPX so we can further compatibility.
      Here is some more information about it:
      Thank you,

  3. When will Media Composer 6 support be offered?

    1. We are very aware of the demand for Avid and are currently working towards making our products compatible.
      There is no ETA on the release date of as of yet. Rest assure we will let everyone know once we are compatible.
      Thank you,

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