Magic Bullet Suite 11.2 – Includes Avid Media Composer Support

Jan 13, 2012 8812 9 Share
Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
Hey folks – You’ve been asking for it, and, thanks to our exceptional products and engineering teams, here it is: Magic Bullet Suite 11.2 The 2 big highlights in this release are:
  • MB Looks is working in Avid Media Composer 5.5 & 6
  • The Single Suite installer now has individual product install options
BUY MAGIC BULLET SUITE 11 As a reminder, MB Suite works in OS X Lion, so no worries there. I repeat, we are go for Lion and have been for several months. However, before the questions start coming in, no, this release does not include MB Looks support in FCPX. Sorry. We’re bummed too. Here’s a video we released a short while ago to explain why. We’re still waiting on Apple, but we’re confident there will be a fix in the near future. You can read more about that HERE.

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  1. Fantastic! Well done guys, look forward to trying it out in MC6.

  2. Will Magic Bullet Suite 11 allow me to load looks into Avid Media Composer, then allow me to load other programs into other softwares such as After Effects or FCP? I would hate to buy the suite looks 2 for avid, then not be able to use the remaining software.


    1. Travis,

      Yes you will be able to install for your different hosts without an issue. Please contact our support team if you have any further questions.

      Thank you,

  3. Both Looks 2 and Colorista2 ‘s key mask don’t show the right frame in Premiere pro cs5.5 on a windows PC.

    1. Romy,

      Please contact our Support Team so we can look further into this:

      Thank you,

  4. In Premiere CS5.5 colorista won’t let you see the right frame in the secondary key masking panel, while Looks will show up a random frame in the clip and not the one on which the scrubline is.
    This is such an issue!

    1. Asterios,

      This sounds like you may be working with footage that is rendered which is causing this issue. If unrendering doesn’t correct this, please contact our Support Team:
      Thank you,

  5. @asterios – same issue here. I contacted support and they said it was a known bug in CS5.5 having to do with frame caching… eek!

    Can I ask what kind of footage you were using? I’m using MXF off the C300

  6. Great! We need more upgrade red giant products for Avid MC 6.5.2. We are red giant customers to migrate a Avid Systems since death FCP 7. Thanks for all.

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